Thursday, April 30, 2009

Movie and Book Review for April

Fablehaven by Brandon Mull
4.5 stars
Loved it. Easy enough for young readers, but intriguing enough to hold the attention of adults. I always wanted to live in a place like Fablehaven, so I loved it! And I loved how fast the story got started. I love the creatures, I love the story. And I loved how they saved the day. I was very pleased. Really enjoyed reading it. It isn't Harry Potter, but it's a nice new interest since J.K. Rowling will still not write us a prequel.

Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star By Brandon Mull
4 stars
We return to Fablehaven under darker circumstances. There seemed be be a little more filler dialogue and story stuff in there. But I still loved it and loved the story. I read it in 2 days. Thought it was fantastic. Can't wait to read the third one.

The Shakespeare Secret By Jennifer Lee Carrell
I can't actually rate this one yet, since I lost it while I was home in Utah. Yeah. I was really close to the end and lost it. But I like it so far. I'll let you know when I finish it and what I think. I just wanted to vent about that.

3 stars
Another story about Jews hiding from Nazis. Nothing really captivated me in this. There was the usual, starving, scared, being discovered, war, brothers fighting, women moping, etc. Honestly...Didn't really inspire me. Not like other movies do. But it was still a good movie. and great cinematography and a great screenplay.

Revolutionary Road
4.5 stars
Loved it. Great to see Leo and Kate back together. Thought they were great together. This movie was slow, but it was okay. I enjoyed the screenplay, the story, etc. Thought it was done very well. Even though it was depressing at parts, and you felt so stressed about the characters sometimes, it was still fantastic.

Slumdog Millionaire
3 stars
Don't see what the hype was about. I lived in India and wasn't moved by this film. Really didn't care much for it, but could still see why everyone did.

3 stars
The cinematography was really cool. But I'm sorry to those who love Twilight. I didn't like it. I found Edward to be a jerk and Bella to be an obsessive whiney girl. Didn't like the actors, didn't like any of the characters except the doctor. I am glad to know I now don't have to waste my time with anymore twilight.

Yes Man
3.5 stars
Thought this was a cute film. There were Jim Carrey moments where you rolled your eyes, but all in all, I laughed a lot and enjoyed the characters and the people. For those who have seen it, my favorite part was when Jim carrey wraps his face up in Tape, distorting it beyond recognition. I was on the airplane, and I laughed my HEAD off. so great.

Alright, that's all for the month of April. I actually know there was more movies, but I can't remember them to save my life. Sorry. Anyway, enjoy! I'll probably have more books than movies for the month of May. Well, unless I have more to watch on the airplane ride home again. Lata!

Friday, April 24, 2009

My two weeks home. And coming back.

My temple experience was beautiful. First of all, Mom and I went to go buy my temple clothes and I tried on lots of temple dresses. I was going to get a simple one from the distribution center, but mom suggested we look one more place. so we went to White Elegance and they had this One dress.
Now about 5 years ago, Celena was getting ready to go on her mission and was also looking for a temple dress. We saw this one at BYU Bookstore and both fell in love with it. Well all these years every time I think about going to the temple and think about temple clothes, I would think about this gorgeous dress. Well we walk into White Elegance and they have it. And it looked beautiful on me. So it was my birthday present.
So after getting my temple dress and my temple cltohes, the day came. April 9, 2009 and I attended the Bountiful Temple. My beautiful and Amazing sister, Jacki flew in from California. Tons of my family and friends were there and I was so grateful for that experience.
It was so peaceful and just so right. I was surprised at how basic and simple it all seemed to be, but through these simplicities, the suympolism made me realize how important these things were.
I loved the temple and I want to go more. I have such a desire to have those blessings and that peace in my life. If you think about all the people who have lived in this world awho have never heard of the gospel or even who have and never got to go to the temple, that's a lot of souls that need these keys to progress eternally. And if you go once a week, that means in a year you've only helped 52 of these souls.
That is NOT enough. We saints have a lot of work to do. And that is why it is so important that we live worthily to make and KEEP our temple covenants. (And do our genealogy)

On April 17, mom and I got to go see John Kimura Parker play our favorite Rachmaninoff Piano Concertos with Utah Symphony. We had been plannig this for months and we were VERY excited when it was going to be while I was home and so clsoe to my birthday. So we dressed up all perty and went.
During intermission mom got up to go use the restroom and I was waiting for her and I see this guy and I think, "wow, he looks a lot like L. Tom Perry...wait a minute!" So I go looking for mom and I find her and just as I'm walking up to her and I look over her shoulder and go...oh my word. I bolt past her.
I introduced myself to Dalin H. Oaks and his wife. I explain to them that I was in Germany when they gave their fireside and told them a few things they said and told them it was at those moments I received confirmation to my prayers and fasting that I should go to the temple and receive my endowments. They both promised me I would have great blessings in my life if I kept this in my life. And I was so grateful for that.
I like how mom put it, "Well if that wasn't Heavenly Father's signature on this whole thing, then I don't know what is," I agree and I agree with President Monson when he said, "I stopped believing in Coincidences a long time ago."
Oh by the way. It was L. Tom Perry and I did meet him.

The night before I left, Dad, Russell, Kevin, and Thayne gave me a beautiful blessing. My father gives such beautiful blessings. I was so grateful for the love these men have for me and how much their priesthood protects me.

The whole plane ride back, I cried. When I got back, I felt like I was waking up from an amazing dream. Like I never even left Germany. And actually, this week I've faced some major depression that I don't understand or know quite how to deal with. But lucky for me I have an amazing mother who loves me and is there for me every step of the way.

For those who don't know, Before I left, I gave my 8 weeks. I will be returning home May 30th. There are many reasons, family reasons, financial reasons (this being the biggest. I'm not really making money and I have way too much debt.) and personal reasons.
So I am working towards overcoming this depression, this darkness, this opposite of what i felt in that temple, and getting back home to my life, to my house, to my puppy, and to my mother and father whom I miss more than words could express.
I ask of you your prayers. I find myself asking father in heaven to allow me to draw on the strength of the blessings I've received, the promises made in the covenants I've made, and from the prayers taht Are being said for me. Thank you all for your love and support. And please write. Let me know of the things going on in your life. thanks, Mandee.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Brother the Bug

Russell learned this song in the MTC. And I always make him sing it. So when he found these Antennas that Junie left at our house, it was only natural that I would have him try them on. Oh. And sing of course.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Are you my Mother with Cara

Want to guess how many times I've read this with Cara? She can't really read except a few words here and there. As you will see. But she KNOWS the story.

And of course...What would we do without Sam I am??