Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ciao Roma!

Well. I'm home in Utah now. I'm all caught up in Grey's Anatomy, the Office, and Big Bang Theory. My hair is cut and short. I'm getting caught up on my jetlag and trying to get unpacked and get my life together here. And part of that is getting my blog updated of my trip to Rome. So here you go. I wish I could have updated sooner, but I got home from Rome and I had to pack and clean to come home and had NO time whatsoever. Enjoy and leave comments! Hope you like the videos. They might jsut be funny to Kristi and myself, but oh well.

On the train riding from the Fiumincino Airport to Roma's Termini bus station. Really excited to be in Rome. I couldn't wait for Kristi to get there the next day. The ride through Rome was amazing. I kept seeing the most amazing sites and buildings and gorgeous people.

Kristi on day 1. We were walking through Rome.

Kristi and I in Piazza di Popolo in front of the Burghese Gardens

Touristy American Photo on the Lion Sphynxy thing

Piazza Di Popolo from the Burghese Gardens

Me in Rome. I love Rome.

I love my Best Friend. I love Rome.
So I love this picture

They have these fountains all over with spring water coming up fromt he ground. We filled our waterbottles up at them everytime we saw them. They were cold and delicious.
The Medici Village. Now that is a CRIB. THe back looked out over ALL of Rome. it was amazing.

The Trevi Fountain. Beautiful and amazing. Bernini...what a dream.
We threw in 3 coins to make sure we would come back to Rome someday.
Me in front of the Trevi fountain. I was like, hurry and take the pic so I can get back to eating the best gelato I've ever eaten in my life. (It was Nutella flavor and it was creamy and amazing)
Bernin and the Trevi Fountain...What a dream
The Pantheon. This building was AMAZING. It's amazing how pictures do NOT do something justice. I've learned that about Rome. Pictures do NOT do the sites justice.
Anyone know where this is?

That's right! The fountain of the four rivers!!!!! In Piazza Navona. It is one of the Alters of science from Angels and Demons. For Water. This piazza was amazing. Artists everywhere and amazing cafes and pizza and yummyness
Cute little building on a side street.
Castel St. Angelo. This is where the Illuminati Chapel is. The angels around it are Berninis. This was once Hadrian's Mosoleum. It was finished a year after he died, so then he was transfered there. Then later, it was turned into a fort. Now it's just awesome.

I love Italy. I just love it.

Just another pic of Castel. St. Angelo.

St. Peter's. This place was amazing.

We found this giant tshirt in our Hostel Room. Scary. I think it may have had Small Pox

So basically...BYU students can go into the Vatican....

Us in front of St. Peter's Throne. But I like how tan we are in this pic.

The Baldachino by Bernini. I was SHOCKED at how HUGE this is.
That's the thing about St. Peter's. You say, wow that's really big. But the closer you get to it you go. HOLY COW THAT IS HUMONGOUS. Same with everything inside. Another thing that makes you realize pictures don't do it justice.

St. Peter's Dome. Again..HUGE. See the four pictures around the base? Those represent the four apostles. This places was amazing.

Michaelangelo's Pieta.
Extremely beautiful and moving. Kristi and I just sat and stared at it for about ten minutes.

St. Peter's What a dream.

It was just beautiful and amazing. I LOVED it.

The swiss Guard. What hotties.

Alter of Science representing Air.

One of my favorite pastimes in any big city I visit. sneaking up on Pigeons.

Almost got him!!!

This is my favorite photo we took the whole trip. This was my favorite place to see and i love how excited we are.

That is my "Woah, that's huge" expression.

I just LOVED the colloseum. It was SO cool.

In the middle of all these Roman Ruins, they had these really lame modern art things. I hated them. And you know me, I love to mock Modern Art.

The Roman Forum. What a dream.

This building is huge. I mean...humongous. I mean...WOW. This picture does not in any shape or form do justice to how absolutely MASSIVE this building is.

The Ecstasy of St. Teresa. This is the alter of science for fire in Angels and Demons.
This is another amazing and beautiful Bernini. The church was TINY and VERY old. it was awesome though!

More Roman ruins. They believe these are the steps that Brutus killed Cesar on.

Here's some of my photography. This is the colloseum

I set this up and had kristi push the shutter.

The tiber
St. Peter's

St. Peter's Dome

And here are some videos of us in Rome. Hope you enjoy them. Hope you enjoyed my pics. We also saw the Sistine Chapel and the Burghese Gallery but you can't take pictures in either. Anyway, enjoy! Love you all! I can't wait to go back to Rome.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

ABC's...only because Kandyce Tagged me...and I love Kandyce

ABC Tag-
A- Addiction - Facebook. And I hate it. Also these little chocolate creme sandwiches you get in germany.
B- Breakfast (what you eat) - Usually cereal or instant Oatmeal (thanks to Lia and Kristi for those)
C- Chocolate or Chips - Bella's chips...with Bella's Salsa. MMMMMMMmmm
D- Dessert or Appetizers - Depends on the dessert and the appetizer. Usually dessert though
E- Essential Items - Burt’s Bees Chapstick. I have like 6 sticks circulating through m y purses and pockets and luggage
F- Favorite Color - RED. it's so sexy!
G- Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms - Mmmmmm. GUMMY BEARS! Sooo good! Esp. here in Germany.
H- Hometown – I would love to Claim Redlands, but I probably should claim North Ogden
I- Indulgence - Code Red Mountain Dew
J- January or July - July…I'm done with winter by Jan, but I'm not done with Summer till September. July has fireworks and swimming and fun!
K- Kids - I never want to Au Pair again. I like being an Aunt, but NOT an Au Pair. And i am NOT ready to be a mother
L- Life isn’t complete without - Coco
M- Most exciting memory - sky diving! I'm taking Jess, my niece, for her 18th birthday
N- Number of brothers & sisters -4 sisters and 5 brothers
O- Oranges or Apples - Mmmm. California Oranges
P- Phobias or Fears - Isolation. Raptors. and a zombie Attack
Q- Quote - I do. Constantly. Right now "She swallowed her Gum" is in my head. (anyone? can you name that movie???)
R- Reading currently - D&C...and...The power of Now.
S- Summer or Spring - I always say Spring, but you know what? I like Summer. It doesn't switch between cold and hot so much in the summer.
T- Toenail color: Pretty hot pink! Woot!
U- Unknown fact about me - Um...I hate jelly with my peanut butter unless it's in a uncrustables. I love those little sandwiches
V- Vacation I want to go on - I want to go back to Hawaii. I just love it there. I also want to go to the Redwood Forest.
W- Walking or Running - Am I late or on time? :)
X- XRay or Ultrasound - Xray.
Y- Your favorite Food - Italian and India.
Z- Zoo or Bowling - BOWLING! AH! I can't wait to go bowling again! I love it!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Love Tanks, Tiramasu, and lovin mah coco!

Well. I'm halfway down with my last week. Thank goodness. I don't know if I'll survive. it's the longest week of my life and never ending. Like the never ending Story. it's the Never Ending Au Pair job. So we'll see yeah? I go to Rome in a few days as you can see by my countdown to your left. And time could not be going any slower. Everyone else keeps saying how fast time is going and I go...i think my life is on pause while everyone else's is on Fast forward.

I'll be glad to get home. And as excited as I am to see Kristi, I don't think my brain fully understands it's going to Rome. So it's...It's hard to be excited for that and not just want to be home. But I'm sure when I get there I'll be way excited.

I hate packing. I don't want to do it. I have to pack and clean out my whole room. The whole entire thing. Kristi packed for me when I came to Germany, because she's so good at organizing and putting things away. Anyway, i had a pretty good week last week. I tried to stay busy and it made most the week go faster.

I find it interesting how when you're leaving somewhere, that's when people tell you how much you mean to them. My last week in my ward and my last time at FHE, I've never felt that loved. holy moly. People were so sad to see me go. ANd those are two of the things I am going to miss most about Germany. My great ward and the institute.

Anyway, here are some of my pics from last week and at the bottom a video!

This is me with Sister Stewart and Sister Mortenson. I did a session at the temple with the missionaries. It was so great. I love missionaries. And guess what? I did my session in German. I undertood mooost of the stuff. It was really cool. At the very end though, I did the end in English. I was too scared to try it in German. It's all still very new to me.

This is a speed sign for tanks. Just in case there's a war again. This one is for a LOVE tank.

This is a view of St. Ursula's, the big church in Oberursel.

A much better church pic of St. Ursula's. You can see the old houses. Those houses are renovated, but are really like 500 years old. No joking.

This is Alte Oper. It's Old Opera House. It says, "The True, The beautiful, good"
(Lia, Doesn't that remind you of Truth Beauty, Freedom and Love?)

Me in front of the opera house in the pouring rain!

Why? Why do they even sell these. It only encourages people. (They were SHIIIINY)

McKenna and I stumbled upon the missionaries singing in the Zeil.

So I joined. This is me and sister Mortenson, my new best friend.

Hey! I'm trying to sing in German here!

Can't wait for her to get off her mission and get back to ogden so we can be friends!

This is me in the Römer eating tiramasu gelato

More of me in the Römer in Frankfurt

What can I say? I love my puppy.

And below is the video of the missionaries singing. I'm not in it, because I am filming. But enjoy! Love to hear from you guys. Probably my next blog will be Rome Pictures. But who knows, I might be able ot get my mother's day talk from church loaded on before then. (Yes I recorded it) Love you all!