Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Camera of my dreams

Hey there! So I finally got my holga film developed, but before I show you that, I want to show you Vera's new friend. (Vera is my Holga). I was in Deseret industries and I found an amazing find:

The 1959 Kodak Brownie Reflex 20. Takes 620 film. I am just so into all these old vintage cameras and toy cameras. And I love them! And now that I've had my holga film developed, I am amazed I took those pics! the double exposures turned out phenomenal. There were some I don't even remember taking, but I am in love with them! I love my cameras and like I've said before: I love having something that shows the world like Mandee sees it! I love it so much! So without further ado, because I know tons of you wanted to see them: I give you my first pics of Holmography.

The boardwalk, Coney Island

Ticket booth, Coney Island

The Wonder Wheel, Coney Island

Spring Blossoms

The cutest puppy ever

Rear Window, Upper West Side, NYC, NY

New York Building

The Red Door, NYC, NY

The Skylight, NYC, NY

Upper West Side

Upper West Side

Rear Window 2

Waiting for the subway

NYC, Fisheye Lens

Airplane Wing in Flight, Fisheye Lens

Coney Island

The Boardwalk, Coney Island

Coney Island

Coney Island

Coney Island

Coney Island

The train Ride

The Bridge

The Bridge

Old Justice

The Whitmer Farm

Amish Country

Amish Crossing

Surprised Photographer

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Midsummer's Part 2

The next step was to teach the girls their make up design. I wish you could see truly how magnificent these turned out. They were brilliant. The colors were amazing. You might see it a little better in the production photos. (soon to come.) Anyway, I was very proud of my make up designs!

First up, Puck. This ended up being my favorite actually. I was blown away by her makeup and how beautiful Kamilla was in it. 

Cara's actually ended up looking amazing, you can't really tell from the pics. I wish you could see more. This girl GLOWED with her gold makeup and hair and costume. She was Titania.

Winter Fairy

Summer Fairy with her Mask

Wind/Air Fairy

Morgan (Water fairy) was striking with her blue makeup. She was GORGEOUS in her costume.

Pyper was Earth Loved the way her makeup turned out

Kenna was spring and looked GORGEOUS! She was so easy to work with!

Autumn Fairy

Fire Fairy.

Anyway, they turned out and looked fantastic. Loved the girls and Loved how they looked in their beautiful masks and makeup! Next to come: Costumes. :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nice new bathroom

So we've lived in this house for about 12 years now. (I know, can you hardly believe it?) And we've had the same decorations in our bathroom that whole time. Except for Christmas when I decorate the bathroom all chrismumsy. Anyway, I decided we needed a change in the bathroom. I was sick of the white walls. I was sick of the frog shower curtain that we had for 12 years (sorry mom, but it's true.) and I was sick of the one bathroom that strangers were allowed to use looking lame and gross and not fun. Soooo what did I do? I changed the bathroom. I picked a happy shade of blue and I went from there. I ended up going with a very coney island beach look. After shopping for a new shower curtain for a whole day, (online, bed bath and beyond, target, wal mart, jc penny, ross, etc.)  I gave in and bought fabric to make my own. and you know what? I LOVE THE WAY IT LOOKS AND TURNED OUT!!! I am thinking of making more and selling them on Isn't it so cute!!!!??

Even the bottom turned out so cute! 
I am eventually going to get newer, nicer towels. (We've had these towels forever as well in case you couldn't tell.) But everything just pulled together so well. I love how the colors match the curtain. How happy and festive and how they say, "GRAB YOUR BEACH BALL! LET'S GO RIDE THE WONDER WHEEL!"
Also, if you look at the top of the pic above this text, you'll see a pink glass lantern? those are candle filled lanterns that cast such a nice fun glow when you're taking a bath. Love them!
I got some shelves to put above the toilet. The top shelf will have guest towels on it, but I haven't gotten them yet. There is a plant on one, her name is Genevieve, and then more glass candle holders on the toilet and shelf. The one on the shelf next to the plant, if you click on this picture you can see it bigger, but I made a beadwork thing to go around it that just looks incredible!

I found these cute little mirrors with resin frames at Ross. I got all 3 for just 4 bucks. Woot. And The vase you see in the corner was only 3. I love Ross.

My sister Jacki is going to make me some cute vinyl lettering that will say, "By the Sea, By the Sea, By the Beautiful Sea." I also need to get a new light bulb since one went out. And with the blue paint it seems a little darker in there, especially with the non see through shower curtain. (we always have a sea through shower curtain.) So I need to get some more light in there somehow.

Also, I want to hang some pics of Coney Island in the bathroom. I'm really hoping my Holga pics turned out. ( don't think they did, I'm afraid the film might have gotten exposed.) So we'll have to see how they turned out. Maybe I can make cea's look vintagey, or just buy some of my own. And it would be great if I could find some good frames that match my mirrors. 
Anyway. Love my new bathroom!