Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Midsummer's Night Dream Part 1

The next stop on my adventure of life is busy and I am gonna kill myself of exhaustion was the biggest costume show I've ever done in my life. A Midsummer's Night dream. Once again I was so lucky to have Chad with me. Who sewed a million buttons on and sewed crystals on and was just my savior, because hand sewing is so time consuming, but i just told him what to do, and he did it. 

Isn't he so cute?

My next saviors were Mom and Aunt Sandy. Sandy who isn't a big fan of sewing came over and helped us sew men's doublets. No way could we have done this without her. I was so busy with fairies and the girls and wedding dresses and puck and etc. etc. etc. the thigns I had to make patterns up for, that I set mom and Aunt Sandy to sewing things that DID have a pattern. And thank goodness. 
Poor Coco hated our allnighters. This is her bed. She sleeps on my dad's chair and she hated that we were sewing and up with the lights on all night. Poor thing. She would keep one eye glaring at us all night, sighing and huffing and puffing. Poor thing.

This is actually clean compared to how the house was normally looking. Normally there was fabric all over the floor and the couch and the EVERTYTHING. And costumes everywhere and glitter everywhere and buttons and lace and ribbon. it was insane.

A little better to see the mess.

My machine broke when things really started getting serious and crazy. And I bawled. By the way I kept track of my emotional break downs from the beginning of this project. Grand total: 4. Not as many as I thought it would be. But wow. Not having my own machine put a huge damper on things. And i really am going to need one. (yes, I'm accepting donations. :)

Aunt sandy was really proud of the doublet she sewed! It's so big on her, because Bill is such a huge teddy bear of a boy, but it looked amazing. THANKS AUNT SANDY, CHAD, AND MOM!

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