Sunday, August 4, 2013

Salt City Steampunk Convention

My good friend, Allen, texted me about a month ago and asked me if I could help him make a steampunk costume. If you want to know what steampunk is, go google it. Wikipedia actually has a great description, or just look at the google image search.
Anyway, I love making costumes for Allen, because he is always excited about projects that I do for him! I made a great Dr. Frankenstein costume for him once when he was in a play where they made the actors get their own costumes (Ugh. Never okay.) And he was so enthusiastic and excited. It makes me want to sew for him all the time! Anyways, I didn't really have time, but I wanted to do it so bad, I moved some dates around so I could do it. But as I finished the costume, I wanted to go with him SO BAD! So I made myself a corset the night before so I could go with him and we had a blast! We've already started planning next year! And we have some AMAZING ideas that are going to kick butt! Allen is even hoping to do a panel, in which I'll be his assistant.  But I was SO proud of how his costume turned out!

Photos taken by Vladimir Chopine

 That is not a wig. That is my hair.

Please ignore my messy Sewing room. It's kind of a disaster right now. 

Full shot without the jacket

Vest up-close and Vest back. I wish you could see the detail. And it was all in black, keeping it sleek and keeping all the details very very subtle. I loved it.

Full shot with a messy sewing room. :(            Up close of the jacket

With his jewelers loop.

Allen and I at the convention          I did my hair all saloon-girl

Ran into my good friend, Angie!

Other players at the Convention

His costumes were fantastic every single day.

Day 2 We went a little more traditional, also, they were walking by with that background as we took a pic. coincidence.

I made this costume in high school with a historical pattern. I got SO many compliments and so many pictures taken! I was in historically accurate underwear and everything. A woah. That corset was fine as long as I didn't sit for too long, then it kind of dug into my kidneys. But I wouldn't have fit back into that dress without the corset. 

It was a blast. I am way excited for next year and I want to be more involved. I love theater, I love doing costumes, but I absolutely love conventions and Renn Faires. Seriously. They are SO much fun.