Monday, May 9, 2011

First Glances at London

My trip to London was quick and pleasant. My layover in NYC included a brief visit from my best friend, Kristi, who brought me some NY pizza! Then I continued on to London, sleeping most the way, especially since I lucked out to have my own row to myself. I got to London and took the tube to our stop, Gloucester Road, in South Kensington. 

Kensington is amazing. It was once the neighborhood not only of royals and nobles, but of the ladies in waiting as well. These people wanted to be out of the city, but not too far from it.

I walk through this neighborhood every day!

Our first night there we went to see "Clybourne Park" at the Wyndham theater. The play was really amazing, and thought provoking, pushing the idea that sometimes the idea of being politically correct is in itself very damaging. It was great, tense, and hilarious. ALL AT THE SAME TIME! 

But the theater was AMAZING! It was built at the turn of the century, and it's beauty and workmanship is phenomenal and has housed many amazing talents including Sir Alec Guiness.

Anyway, I'm here and Loving it! More photos to come!

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