Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Tower of London. Muaaahhhahahahaha!

Going to the tower of London was really quite fantastic! We went to church in the Chapel at London of Tower. My favorite part was the music and the organ. It was brilliant! And so beautiful! The choir was amazing! The service was lovely! I don't know if I could do it every week though. Although, I'm sure they could say the same about our 3 hour church!

We also got to see the crown jewels, but you can't take pictures. :( But they were gorgeous and I saw the world's biggest cut diamond. Woot. It is now resting on my pillow. Kidding. I'm not THAT good of a pirate.

One of the coolest things about Tower of London was that the palace part of it was a medieval palace built by Edward I or Edward the Longshanks. Who was my great great etc grandpa. It was amazing to sit in a room that was inhabited by an ancestor. Truly fantastic!

 Me with Grandpa Ed's Throne!
 I love London for the same reason I love Rome. You turn a corner and BOOM there's a historical sight you've read about your whole life. This is the Tower bridge! And yes, I wore a hat to church that day. And I got lots of compliments and lots of people wanted to take my picture.

 The white tower! Muaaahhahahahahahaha! :) Last person to be executed on Tower hill was in 1941 and was a German Spy who was caught sneaking into London. 

This was an awesome part of my day. I sat on some steps and wrote some postcards and there was this man who works at the site who ended up talking to me the rest of his shift. He was from Scotland, but knew so much history about the costume he was wearing, and about the tower. It was such an interesting conversation, and the highlight of my day! I love learning about the history of places, and boy did he know a lot!

 Ever Dilligent in their watch, And ever Stoic. I wonder what they think about.

The Tower will never fall until the Ravens leave. (so they clip their wings...)

I love this photo I captured of the Yeoman of the Guard, walking around. 

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