Thursday, May 19, 2011

Walking Tour

Ah. The London Telephone Booth. Yes, They still have these everywhere, but they're full of porn.

Middle Temple hall was a precursor to Indoor theater. They would set up platforms and perform either Roman or Greek plays, but eventually started performing plays written by themselves. Ah the University Wits! This hall is Elizabethan, and Elizabeth sat in here herself. 

 This is one of my favorite photos I have ever taken. It's rare you can capture the true beauty of something your eye saw as well.

In Middle Temple, these lamps are still lit by gas

Christopher Wren designed so much of England. This is one thing he designed. And he designed it without pillars. They told him it would not stand without pillars, but he said, "Excuse me. I'm Christopher Wren. I did the Math. It'll stand." :) But they Argued. So he put the pillars in. One inch short of the ceiling. :) After WWII when it was destroyed and they rebuilt it, they had the pillars go to the ceiling. :)

St Paul's Cathedral


George's Inn. Places like this were the precursor to theaters such as the Globe

Loved the reflection in this puddle

The Globe, can you see the actor coming out to play Hamlet's ghost!? Don't worry, I put my camera away after taking this!

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