Thursday, May 19, 2011

Temple Day is a Special Day!

There's a few girls here that are members of the LDS faith like myself, so we planned a trip to go see the London temple, which is actually south in New Chapel. But we made the trip and it went (Almost) seamless and we got there in time for our sessions. 
I love going to the temple. I love the spirit there, I love the work we do there. It was also fun to have a discussion with my flatmates afterwards about it. 
But going to the temple was just phenomenal.

 These are two pics I took in Lingfield before we got in our taxi to go to New Chapel

Going to this temple was a very special experience for me. One of my closest friends, Braden, served his mission here. Brady and I have spent endless nights and long hours he telling and I listening to his mission stories. And that is just so thrilling. I feel like I really got to know Brady by being there. So much of the spirit he has in himself, I can sense in this place. It made me miss him so much. Words really can't express.
This is the 14th century manor house where Brady (and other missionaries) lived while serving in this area. It's gorgeous and he told me so many stories of this place.

We took lots of pictures in front of the temple, but this one is my favorite. :)

I fell in love with this temple. The grounds are so beautiful, typical English, reminding me of the secret garden. 

The London temple! What a dream!!! I plan on going back on a sunny day (yes this day was very cold and cloudy) and getting more pics. And the grounds keeper saw me doing photography and begged me to come back in a few weeks when he's done planting all his flowers. (Cute.)

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Oh, Mandee -- these are gorgeous. What a fun day and amazing place to be. I'm so glad you shared it. Can't wait to get my schedule card! <3