Thursday, May 5, 2011

A few Wee sewing projects!

I leave for London in the morning, and I've been cleaning and throwing out and packing and getting ready. I have also been sewing a bit and I just wanted to share some of the fun projects I did for my travels~

Camera Bag!
I made a padded insert that nestles right on the bottom of my miche bag! It's padded to absorb shock on my camera, and I picked a fun bright patterned canvas to be out of the durable fabric!

 I used Red piping (I love piping) and I also used red velcro. I have velcro on the sides so you can remove the dividers to fit whatever I put in my camera bag for that time. 
This is the miche bag I'm taking with me, which will double as a camera bag! And I measured the insert I made so it nestles right into it snuggly, but still allows me access to the side pockets so I have a place to stow my wallet and passport and Burts Beeswax Chapstick!
 Just one more pic/look at the finished product. It was unlike anything I'd ever worked with and the foam padding really tested my patience, but I think it turned out pretty nifty.

 Tripod Bag
The next project was a tripod bag that wasn't boring or ugly that would allow me to haul my tripod around in style, slung over my shoulder. I wanted it to be padded so it didn't clank and bump around. 
The fabric was leftovers from Jacki's birthday. There was barely enough to make it, but I did it. I lined it with a fun, durable red, added a red strap, red drawstring cord, and red piping along the bottom. And it turned out pretty darn cute if I may say so myself...and I do say so. I won't mind hauling this around the U.K.

Looking inside:

Slung over the banister 

My tripod nestled inside:

Piping again. I just love the extra finishing touch it gives.

Scripture Cover
Since my scriptures were stolen right out of my car, I had to recently buy new ones, but I don't like scripture bags. I'd much rather carry my scriptures in my purse, but I don't want it to get scratched or damaged, and they don't sell them with the snap closure anymore. I grabbed some of my quilting fabric that I've been wanting to use for SOMETHING lately, and sewed up this little number:

I LOVE the way it turned out! I even did a button hole! Of course, with my Viking sewing machine, doing button holes is easy as tying your shoe, BUT, I love the way it just wraps snug around my scriptures!

I love the inner fabric too! Such fun swirls, and I know you can't tell, but the fabric is very metallic!
It's awesome. I was way pleased the way it turned out and made me very excited to take my scriptures to chuch on Sunday, much the way a child who gets scriptures for their baptism feels. Anyway, I guess I'm ready for London on those ends, but I leave in 12 hours and I'm not done packing. :\

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Candace said...

Neat!! You and your crafty ways...