Saturday, November 27, 2010

Production Photos

This year, Box Elder High School did Phantom of the opera! A high school doing Phantom? I know right? WRONG! I'm not kidding you guys. This show was absolutely amazing! The talent, the work, the production, everything was fantastic. I was able to be involved in so many ways. Not as many as I wanted, but I was able to do costumes.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So recently the LGBS Alliance at USU had a Gender Blender Masquerade. My best friend, Chad, invited me to go with him. For those who don't know what a gender blender is, the girls were supposed to dress as guys and guys and girls. There was a drag show and a costume contest. I went with one goal in mind: Win the costume contest. I've always wanted to go to a Masquerade, and while I knew no one was going to take it quite as intensely as I was bound to, I didn't care. I wanted to go full out. So Chad and I went as Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. And of course we won. We had a blast, we looked incredible, and enjoyed the heck out of our night.

Louis and Marie. We went with the very dramatic Theatrical Makeup
 like you'd find in a Moliere play such as Tartuffe or School for

I love my Chaddy! Isn't he so cute!

Sexy Full Shot

Posing Full shot! As much as I love Chad's Costume..I just love mine!

Like my C3PO pants!? :) I love how they turned out

Waiting for Guffman Much? Ah yes. A penny for your thoughts. 

Chad's got some major Versaille bosoms going.  But I loved his dress
His fabric came from India. I've been saving it for a long time!

Chad's wig. I styled it myself, added the feathers and little bird!
And I did his makeup as well! I loved how it all turned out~

Beautiful Bustled Backside! 

Full shot of the beautiful dress! Isn't he sexy!?

Ah yes! and myself! I have to admit I am quite proud of my
own costume! I couldn't believe how well it turned out! 

I loved my hair and my cravat. but oh my gosh Look at my
adorable little tricornered hat and my moostache! I loved it!

Look at that backside! :)

The full monty! I loved them!


Monday, November 15, 2010

My current obsessions!

I know i haven't blogged in a while. I don't have much to talk about. I bought a new car. Yay! And I helped out with Phantom at BEHS. But here are the things I am currently obsessed with.
Mmmm. Velocity!!!
Mary Kay's Velocity is now in a Perfume! I love the smell of my facewash, and now I can wear it as a perfume! It's a very light fun smell. More of an Every Day wear perfume than my current one!

Wishing I were somehow the one wearing this on stage
The Purple Velvet cape I made for Christine to wear in Box Elder's Production of Phantom of the Opera. She wore this cape in the scene where she goes to the graveyard and sings Wishing you were somehow here again. Michelle did a beautiful job and Brady's lights made it shimmer like you wouldn't believe! The night I made it, I walked around my house in it for a few hours. I'm so happy I get to add this piece to my costume collection!

Oh my sweet potato goodness!
My next obsession is  Ruth's Chris Sweet Potato Casserole! As soon as fall hits, I skip all the pumpkiny goodness and go straight for these! I don't even wait for Thanksgiving! Besides Sweet Potatoes are a vegetable Superstar! Good source of Vitamin A! Great source of dietary fiber not to mention Magnesium, potassium, and Vitamin C! Even when they ARE loaded with Brown Sugar and Pecans! :)

My Lia Sophia Charade Bracelet! This was my first purchase from Lia Sophia and I LOVE IT! I wear it pretty much EVERY day and matches everything I wear! 

Beautiful Gritty cinematography!

Film Noir. I Love love love this genre of film. The cinematography, the lighting, the grittiness of it. I barely even follow the plot. I'm too busy looking at how amazing everything LOOKS! The women are so beautiful and sultry. The men are so cavalier. It's like my Holga made a movie! Sigh! 

One of my favorite of Marisa's transformations
My last recent obsession is a blog called New Dress a Day! I love 98% of this girls' transformations! I've even adapted not one dress but two dresses! I look at this blog every morning after I wake up. It's one of the first things I do when I wake up. She only has two weeks left on her year journey, but I've had a blast following her and trying things myself. In fact I have one of my own that I'll be posting very very very soon! 

Anyway, There's my obsessions as of late! Hope everyone's doing well and getting ready for such a fun time of year!