Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So recently the LGBS Alliance at USU had a Gender Blender Masquerade. My best friend, Chad, invited me to go with him. For those who don't know what a gender blender is, the girls were supposed to dress as guys and guys and girls. There was a drag show and a costume contest. I went with one goal in mind: Win the costume contest. I've always wanted to go to a Masquerade, and while I knew no one was going to take it quite as intensely as I was bound to, I didn't care. I wanted to go full out. So Chad and I went as Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. And of course we won. We had a blast, we looked incredible, and enjoyed the heck out of our night.

Louis and Marie. We went with the very dramatic Theatrical Makeup
 like you'd find in a Moliere play such as Tartuffe or School for

I love my Chaddy! Isn't he so cute!

Sexy Full Shot

Posing Full shot! As much as I love Chad's Costume..I just love mine!

Like my C3PO pants!? :) I love how they turned out

Waiting for Guffman Much? Ah yes. A penny for your thoughts. 

Chad's got some major Versaille bosoms going.  But I loved his dress
His fabric came from India. I've been saving it for a long time!

Chad's wig. I styled it myself, added the feathers and little bird!
And I did his makeup as well! I loved how it all turned out~

Beautiful Bustled Backside! 

Full shot of the beautiful dress! Isn't he sexy!?

Ah yes! and myself! I have to admit I am quite proud of my
own costume! I couldn't believe how well it turned out! 

I loved my hair and my cravat. but oh my gosh Look at my
adorable little tricornered hat and my moostache! I loved it!

Look at that backside! :)

The full monty! I loved them!



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Candace said...

These costumes are so freaking awesome. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you did this.