Monday, May 2, 2011

Jacki's 40th Birthday Palooza!

"Right brained people are difficult to order around, but when the spotlight is on them they know just what to do."
That is a quote that I feel describes me and my sisters. When we put on a party, we PUT ON A PARTY! We believe "You'd better go big, or go home!"
So Jacki, my oldest sister, turned 40 this year and we (the sisters) decided that we had to put on the biggest party for her we could come up with! :) We love putting on parties. So at the first of the year (maybe sooner) we started planning her party, giving out assignments, etc etc etc. And as always, when we five get together, Magic happens. We start brainstorming and after a facebook feed of about 100 emails which the ideas snowballed and grew, we all finalized on a carnival themed party with bright colors and lots of fun!
Jacki and Sharla run on the same brainwaves, even dress alike.

Pregnant Lady with a Giant Pickle...too perfect to not capture 
Isn't Celena such a cute preggo lady!?

Kaniela wanted me to come play in the bouncy house with him!

Only mishap of the whole day. I'm so lucky to be part of a family where in a situation where one sister spends a whole night and day making the birthday cake, and another sister accidentally knocks it on the floor, it doesn't cause drama. We all take a minute, feel sad, and wait for Kendra to figure out what she's gonna do. And we move on. No fights, no drama, just love to have fun together.

Celena and Mom made this gorgeous garland and Jacki had me print off some of my photography really big (about 16x20) and she painted vintage frames fun colors and hung up my pictures I took of carnival rides at a fair. 

Candy Bar! We had tons of bright colored Candy in glass containers with little plastic bags so people could take home candy. Celena also made Caramel Corn and Cotton Candy. It was the perfect favor for This Carnival Party!

I made Cake Pops! Some I made to look like striped popcorn boxes, the others I covered with Fun Sprinkles! The cake inside was Red (red velvet), Orange (orange cream) and Yellow (lemon)!

Look at how amazing the cake turned out! Kendra really did a phenomenal job with the carnival cake!

 Sephra had us try out their new product  in our chocolate fountains. It's a fruit fondue and we tried strawberry and Mango and it was absolutely delicious and the colors looked great!

 The food was incredible! We had Sliders, Dodger dogs, and our Nana's potato salad was a huge hit and went the fastest! Sharla made adorable layered serving plates for the condiments! And we even made delicious Sweet Potato Fries which I couldn't keep my hands out of!

 We had three kinds of lemonades that ALL tasted delicious! 

Look at all the fun!
And a look at the "circus tent" patio and the jumpy house! 

More amazing decorations!

 The birthday girl (Jacki) with her two girls, Carly and Roxy
 Me taking a break from the photography to take a picture with Carlyanna

It was a great party. And Sharla tried to lead everyone in the birthday song. She said, "Alright! Everyone on the count of 3, ready go!" and everyone started singing, but all of us sisters just laughed at her!


Jacki Rich said...

Thanks for sharing Mando!! Love ya!!! :) said...

SOSOSOSOSO glad I didn't miss out on THAT partay!! :)