Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Midsummer's Part 2

The next step was to teach the girls their make up design. I wish you could see truly how magnificent these turned out. They were brilliant. The colors were amazing. You might see it a little better in the production photos. (soon to come.) Anyway, I was very proud of my make up designs!

First up, Puck. This ended up being my favorite actually. I was blown away by her makeup and how beautiful Kamilla was in it. 

Cara's actually ended up looking amazing, you can't really tell from the pics. I wish you could see more. This girl GLOWED with her gold makeup and hair and costume. She was Titania.

Winter Fairy

Summer Fairy with her Mask

Wind/Air Fairy

Morgan (Water fairy) was striking with her blue makeup. She was GORGEOUS in her costume.

Pyper was Earth Loved the way her makeup turned out

Kenna was spring and looked GORGEOUS! She was so easy to work with!

Autumn Fairy

Fire Fairy.

Anyway, they turned out and looked fantastic. Loved the girls and Loved how they looked in their beautiful masks and makeup! Next to come: Costumes. :)

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