Monday, May 4, 2009

My puppy, the wannabe doberman

My mom emails me lots of great Coco stories since I never get to see her. my dog is halarious. And I should keep a journal like parents should of their kids, but of course I don't.
One of my favorite stories...and mom, if I get this wrong, then fix it in a comment, is my mom made a pizza and left to do something and when she got back, half the pizza was eaten and there were little puppy prints in the pizza sauce.
But my mom sent me this one and I think it is halarious.
This is straight from my Mom's email:

"Ok -- Coco story!! FUNNY!! So, she was antsy to get out of the house all afternoon, and neither dad nor I would stop what we were doing to take her out. (Not just out for potty -- out for a walk! -- which she did not get in the morning, because I have been so lazy in the mornings, I've been laying back down on the couch -- and falling asleep. Today I was so sound asleep, when Wes came over at 7:30 -- I was almost too out of it, to even let him in.)

So -- when Dad needed to go to town, I suggested he take her with him (partly so I could have some peace!) And he did. When they got back, she jumped out of the car, and high-tailed it down the street with her ball in her mouth. He called, but she just kept going. Well, he had to go potty, so he came in the house and did that -- then went back out to find her. As he got close to the door, he heard her yelping for her life, (dad says her little yippy, help me, help me voice) -- and dad went out to the yard to see what was up == and here she came as fast as her little legs would carry her -- with a big black lab right on her tail! Dad walked out toward her -- and started yelling at the other dog. When he saw dad, he stopped, and turned and started back where he came from.

Well --- Coco ran up to dad -- stopped, turned around and noticed the dog was headed back, so gathering all her doberman instincts -- turned also and took off behind him, barking her little heart out. They got to the end of the street, and that big dog realized Coco was behind him, so he stopped, and turned -- when he stopped, Coco stopped -- realized the predicament she was in, turned around and boogied back to dad as fast as she could go -- yipping the whole way. Well, the lab realized he had the upper hand then, and took off after her again. Dad barely got out of the way -- Coco made a mad dash for the door, and ran right downstairs where I was. The lab stopped at the door -- dad came up behind him and shooed him off, came in and closed the door -- then came downstairs.

I was clueless, and thought they had just gotten home -- until dad told me the story -- I picked her up, and was laughing at her -- she just cuddled in my arms, shaking.

Silly little puppy! She's going to get eaten one of these days!

By the way, she totally lost her ball -- we went looking for it tonight on our walk, but didn't find it, until we got back to Kevin's, and he said, 'Coco -- I have something that's yours' and went over on his lawn and picked it up and threw it to her. :) "

Funny huh? This isn't the first time something like this has happened. Last time, the big dog followed her all the way into the basement. She was traumatized after that one.

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