Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mountain Dew, Lice, and adventures in church

I've been here for two weeks.
It feels like I've already been here for months. And yet, I can't believe it's already been two weeks. Let's see what this week entailed....
I'm getting the schedule down with the girls finally. Well not all the way, but that is definitely getting easier.
I found a cafe that I love. During the day I get out of the house and spend time there, reading my book of mormon in German, writing in my journal, eating pastries or drinking hot chocolate or fanta. I love being here, and the house is great, the room is really becoming my own, but I really like to get out of the house, so going into the town and looking around is really nice for me.

Well a few things that happened this week...Well for one, one night I was exhausted. SO TIRED, and I had to go get the girls from school and knew I was just going to be so tired all i left a little early, and bought a Mt. Dew. Now...Mt Dew bottles are GREEN here. Like...I was kinda scared to drink it, because...I was afraid I would turn into some teenage mutant ninja turtle or something. Nothing can be that acid green without having some radiation side affects.
Also, Cara had lice. I was like...OOOOOOOOHHH GRREEEEAAAATTTT. I spend a summer in India cuddling with kids crawling with lice and scavies and don't get either and I spend two weeks in Germany and I am goign to have lice. Luckily I didn't. Phew! breathe!

I also met my neighbors, they're from Seattle. They are awesome. Julie and Rob Platt. Julie is a lot like me...and a lot like my sisters. They have two boys, Charlie and Chad, and I love them. Boys are so easy to babysit! American kids are so easy to entertain! Here, Watch a movie. Here, draw a picture, here, beat up your brother. haha. No, but Julie and I connected really fast and I already know that she's going to be my haven here in this european foreign place. My little piece of America, with her American food and shipped costco stuff and american furniture and pottery barn.
Lastly was my experience getting to church on this video to understand better.

Well Yeah....So that was my opposition to getting to church this week. I missed sacrament meeting, but I made it and it felt so good to be there. I am having my records moved to this ward, and There will be an English speaking tute class starting in February, but I'll probably opt for FHE on Mondays. We'll have to see. Well That's my week at a glance. Please write! I miss everyone. And leave comments. I love the comments. :) Hope you enjoyed the video.

Hope things are going well! LOVE Y'ALL!


sidjedi said...

Conductor, it seems we have nothing more than a stowaway onboard. A young woman by the looks of it. Oh, and she's probably naked!

Kandyce said...

Mandee, you are too funny. I loved the video of your adventure of trying to get to church. You have only been there 2 weeks, and all of this craziness is going down. It's nice to know you're laughing about it all and that you're doing well. We miss you here at home!! Love you!

MegyKaye said...

oh man your video made me cry. you look like a sexy German lady tho! plus there. ;)

Anonymous said...

Only you could have handled that with such grace. I would have been flipping out! Is the soda in Germany still 10 times as carbonated as in America?

Bryce said...

Niiiiice...Only you Mandee. Just remember next time you are on the train to listen for "Achtung" and "Alle aussteigen"...If you hear "Alle aussteigen" it mean everyone needs to get of...that means you too.:) Have fun! and train hoping is called "schwart-fahren"....Have fun!

KmS said...

You may not remember me, but we went to school together in North Ogden. I found your blog through someone's links {can't remember who now...}

I just wanted to say hi {since I like to know who is reading my blog} and tell you how hilarious that video was of you on the train! What a fun memory! Sounds like you are in for an adventure.

Good Luck!
Kaylyn {Long} Scothern

Kev said...

It had to happen to you...that's way too funny! Miss your beautiful face! Love ya!