Friday, November 13, 2009

How does your garden grow?

Mary Mary Quite Contrary! How does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockel shells. And pretty maids all in a row!

I never claimed to be a great gardener. I just love flowers. LOVE flowers. And our little garden areas in front of our house have been showing a sad need for some tender lovins. They've become a beautiful green lush WEED garden. Ugh. And I knew that if I wanted flowers in the spring I had to do something about it. So I dug up the gardening area in front of our porch and then the area in between the window wells in front of our house. removed all the crap and seperated the tulip bulbs I planted forever ago.

I've been so busy though I haven't had any time to do it. But it was supposed to snow this week, so I, I'd better do this or come spring we're going to have a beautiful healthy garden of ugly weeds again!

Shawn drove up from Salt Lake to help me. We spent all afternoon digging up the flower bed, getting rid of the rocky soil and the weeds and breaking up the dirt. We then bought bulbs, plotted out how we were going to display them. At this point it was dark outside, so we got my dad's work lamps and kept digging.

The next morning, I still wanted some bulbs in the other part of the yard, so I woke up really early just to try to beat the rain and snow. (for it was the day so the forecasters said!)
Mom bought me dirt and I continued to break up the wonderful soil we have in our weedy gardens! As I was finishing up, finally, the rain started to fall. I literally barely made it. Also, my bulbs were half off, because it was so late in the season. I love when my procrastination pays off! :)

This is after I pulled out the weeds, turned the soil and removed tons of rocks. This area was completely over run by weeds and crab looking grass and leaves.

Alright! Much better, soil turned in, bulbs planted, and watered! Bring it on!

Once again, this part of the garden was over run by weeds! Gross weeds! And lots of spiders. But we got it all dug up, added new bulbs, new soil, and topped it with peet moss (not shown.) Now I just have to wait for summer for some of these:
Got tons of tulips! Red! Yellow giants! Red and orange! Pink! Deep purple! I got lots of different kinds, but my favorite are the "impressionistic tulips." Which look like what you'd find in Monet's painting of the tulips! They're just so gorgeous!
And some of these:

Above are Narcissi! They are planted for me and Chad! (If you don't know why that's funny, read here:

And some of these! THEY ARE SO GORGEOUS! And these! I can't wait for spring! I'll definitely take pictures when everything is in bloom! Mom says there's no end to my creative genius. I say jack of all trades, master of none! I just love to dabble in everything!
Can't wait to see what spring brings in our pretty little garden.
Oh and it still hasn't snowed. Maybe I'll have time to add some in the backyard...hmmm...

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