Monday, January 24, 2011

The greatest thing you'll ever do!

Four years ago, this summer, I had the amazing opportunity to do something that changed my life forever. Rising Star Outreach is an organization that has devoted people's volunteer time and energy to furthering the cause of curing leprosy and teaching those who have been told that they are worth nothing that they CAN do something with their life.
I can't express what Rising Star has done for me. I believe I've gained more from my 4 years of working them than they have. I won't lie, it takes a lot of work to be with Rising Star, but at the same time, it is more fun that words can express. You will fall in love with the most adorable children and humble and grateful people. You will learn what unconditional love truly can be.

I can't praise enough. I have never been so happy in my life than my short 3 months i spent in India. I've never been so sure of myself and sure that I was supposed to be someplace. I've never missed being away from a place than I do India. I hope that someday I can return and stay for a much longer time. The video below shows some of my experience in India and some of the people I was lucky to meet and spend time with.

I promise you this: If you volunteer in India this summer, you will never regret it. You will learn to love these people and love this work. And if you're scared, don't worry. I was probably more scared to go than you will be, because I'm a chicken, but once I got there, the love and acceptance and culture were more than my heart could take. I was extremely overwhelmed by the good humanity of our world. Please take a minute and really think about this. Think about what this could do for your life. So instead of planning your trip to Cabo or Hawaii this summer, give a thought to India.

Help End Leprosy.  Volunteer in India this summer for Rising Star Outreach! Follow this link to see how!

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