Sunday, October 23, 2011

Masquerade Ball

Last night my friend threw a big masquerade ball and invited tons of people. She created the facebook event page for it quite a while ago and I RSVP'd that I was going. And then promptly forgot about it. A few days ago I saw some mutual friends who mentioned how excited everyone was to see my Masquerade costume. Being confused I asked what masquerade they were talking about and they explained that Jennalyn was throwing a masquerade and I had RSVP'd yes.
I said I was going to a party
Everyone was expecting the costume designer to be dressed amazing.

Well I sat down all day Friday and whipped out a costume. The only part of the costume I didn't build was the mask, which was made by Tiffany Smyth for my fairies when I costume designed a Midsummer Night's Dream for Box Elde High and my Corset I bought at The Denver faire a year or two ago.
The ball was a lot of fun. My friend, Matt and I had a lot of fun dancing and watching people and just being us. But here's the costume and how it turned out, which I was very proud of.

The Mask is amazing. She works in Leather, adding feathers and beads. But the masks are incredible.
 The blue bustle was a velvet retro dress I had which was falling apart and had holes in it. So I took it apart, cut away all the torn holes and bleach spots and then put them back together and made the bustle. I then just placed a small bustle pad made from stiff tulle underneath.
Front and Back views of the costume
 I had a bunch of Gold Lace Appliques that I bought on Ebay forever ago. I attached four together and then strategically added swarovsky crystals to add sparkle. It ended up being remarkable! I hope I can use it in other shows as well. 

I also love how my hair turned out. I did really tight curls then pushed it all to the center of my head...well sort of like a faux-hawk.

I also love how my eye make up turned out. I did it really shimmery and golden then added the touch of blue near my lash line. I used all Ben Nye shimmer colors. I love how it turned out.

The only thing I didn't get done on the dress which I really wanted were big Baroque cuffs on the dress with gold venise lace that matched the necklace. I just ran out of time. Halloween in my busiest time of year. And on that note, there will definitely be more pics of some of the best costumes I made this fall season. (it's my busiest with Halloween and fall musicals.)

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