Monday, February 18, 2013

Just an update

I've been super duper busy for months and months. Here's just an update of what I've done:

Worked on Costumes for "Charm" at Weber State University. I didn't design, but I was a stitcher. I made that fantastic Dress.

Designing Hair and Makeup for Weber State University's Production of Lucky Stiff

Bonding with Coworkers

Making AWESOME tardis bags for Work Christmas Party

Flew to Cali to hang with sister and nieces

San Francisco

Big family christmas in Cambria, California

Walking on the beach, Christmas Eve

Picnic at Hearst Beach

Christmas with the whole fam damily

Morrow Bay

Got snowed in, had my first snow day ever

Made dresses for my niece's American Girl Dolls

Worked on Costumes for Will Roger's Follies, including making 8 pairs of chaps from scratch. I never want to make chaps again. They were the bane of my existence.

Travelled to Cali for KCACTF (This is us at Getty Vila)

Entered my makeup and hair designs into KCACTF competition
I did not win anything, unfortunately. But next year? I'm going to kick trash.


Andrew-L'autre said...

Hey, it's great you've been busy. :) I love that picture "Bonding with Coworkers"! :D

It's awesome that you went to California! I once lived there for five years. Glad you went to San Francisco. :) Did you get to walk on the Golden Gate Bridge?

Suli Summers said...

I LOVE your blog,your art is very expressive :) kisses and have a nice week.

Kaylee Edwards said...

Just stumbled on your blog. Love your costumes :)