Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Soul Delighteth

Today in Relief Society we had a lesson on "My Soul Delighteth." We talked about little things in this world that delight our hearts. So here is my list of 101 things that delight my soul! So in no particular order:

1- Watching the ballet
2- Buying lace on ebay
3- Watching sweet peas bloom in my garden
4- When a guy tells you he likes the way you smell
5- Dying my hair red
6- Wearing and buying sexy shoes
7- Peace Signs
8- Cuddling with my puppy
9- Watching Sound of Music with my sisters and mom
10- Clean high thread count sheets on my bed
11- Rome
12- Cake batter ice cream
13- Reading a good book
14- Watching Gone with the Wind with Sharla
15- Walking through NYC while it's snowing
16- Being on Stage
17- Wearing something I've sewn for myself
18- Getting flowers
19- Dressing up and going to the rennaissance faire
20- Sitting on the beach
21- Going to the symphony with my mom
22- Watching Singin in the Rain
23- The crisp Fall Air
24- Lemon Bars
25- Big tips!
26- When my nieces say something halarious
27- When everything in the spring starts to turn green
28- Going to a new temple
29- Studying church history
30- Skydiving
31- Traveling with my best friend
32- Singing with Chad
33- Modern Dancing
34- Rachmaninoff's 2nd Concerto
35- My red allstars
36- watching home videos
37- Losing Weight
38- Hanging out with Russell
39- Reading Isaiah
40- Getting a strike while bowling
41- Laying on the grass in the sun
42- Getting a Tan
43- the smell of costumes
44- Tap shoes
45- Giving people gifts
46- Monkey bread
47- Blue Popsicles
48- Buying clothes from Anthropologie
49- Citrus Sobes
50- Snowboarding down a hill without falling once
51- Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in D
52- Lilies
53- Peacock Feathers
54- Kisses
55- White Christmases
56- Smart Water
57- Driving into Redlands, rolling down the windows, and smelling orange blossoms
58- Robert Jason Brown music
59- Clair De Lune
60- Sewing
61- Bernini's artwork
62- Cuddling
63- Photography. Sigh.
64- A really good night's rest
65- Chocolate covered strawberry
66- Nutella Gelato
67- Shopping with my sisters
68- Crocheting
69- Singing.
70- New Scarves
71- Chocolate Milkshakes
72- Gorgeous Sunsets
73- Ed Hardy shoes
74- Going for walks at sunset with my puppy
75- When the leaves in fall are BRIGHT RED
76- Holding hands
77- Hearing music from Ragtime
78- Clean Room
79- Learning something in History, then recalling it in a conversation later
80- Studying U.S. History
81- Christmas Morning with my family
82- Hot Chocolate with marshmallows
83- Sleeping in my own bed
84- Letting my geek flag fly
85- Driving with Kristi
86- Italian Food
87- Getting a full body massage at a dayspa
88- A first kiss with someone
89- Understanding Isaiah
90- Black Lace
91- Sitting under the Christmas tree staring at the lights
92- Pearls
93- Breezy Summer nights
94- Hugs from my India kids
95- Getting my nails done
96- Chocolate Souffle from Bistro 258
97- Fourth of July Fireworks
98- Barbecues at my sister's house
99- Pirates
100- Watching Prince Phillip and Aurora meet
101- Disneyland

2 comments: :) said...

Cool list -- your love of life shows through. Not surprised!! Fun to have a new blog from you. One of the 101 things that delight MY soul --- YOU!! Love ya'- mom

ann said...

I love this list. I love how specific it is. You're awesome.