Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lovely Little Locks

So I was at Jacki's watching America's Next Top Model and I saw this hair cut and Fell in love.
And I've been saying for a while I was going to cut my hair super short, but I haven't really had the guts. But I love love loved this hair cut. Jacki told me to go for it. And I got really really brave. So I said on my status on facebook I was thinking of chopping my hair off and everyone told me NOT TO DO IT! But I was determined. It was almost like people telling me NOT to do it made me want to do it more!
So I made an appointment to see my friend Jen, from Germany. So today I drove down to Salt Lake to the Lunatic Fringe Salon and this was the Result:

So Now my hair is super short and i LOVE it. I feel like it shows off my personality so well and it makes me look like a cute slightly edgy costume designer/photographer. I can't belive it's this short!!!! But I love lvoe love love it! And it always grows back! And At first I was in complete shock and couldn't believe what I'd done. But the more I look at it the more i LOOOVE IT!
And I got to spend the day with Jen who I LOVE and helped her find her perfect wedding dress. Then i got to see Shawn and take pics of Laurie's very prego belly.
It was a VERY good day!


Chelsey said...

LOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE IT!!!! I'm glad you were brave and tried it out! Short hair looks great on you! My philosophy has always been..."why not try something different, it will always grow back if I don't like it." It was so fun seeing you last weekend! We really need to play again soon!

MegyKaye said...

i love my hair short too. its fun to grow it out then chop it off!!! change is fun. :) looks super cute/sexy on you. i miss you