Thursday, September 23, 2010

Birthday for Annie!

 I've been doing the play Annie, and it's crazy because we've had tons of  birthdays. Celeste, Heather, Haylie, and then Phoebe. Phoebe is the adorable girl who is playing Annie in our show. She turned twelve (she gets to go to BEEHIVES!) And she is just such an amazing and talented little girl on stage! Seriously an amazing little Annie! SO CUTE! Not annoying and loud like most Annies. She sits quietly off stage and never protests, takes direction very well, and has an amazing innate sense of stage acting. Anyway, so when it was Phoebe's birthday I asked her parents if I could do her cupcakes.

 I made her Annie Cupcakes!!!!

I was so happy with how these cheery little cupcakes turned out!!!! I was so worried they would look like clowns! I was right to make little peach skin colored frosting and going without a nose.

Little Phoebe loved her adorable cupcakes!

She was so cute and even came over and hugged me and said thank you! I was in Babes in Toyland with Phoebe years ago and she was just a doll then, she's still a doll now.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the cupcakes. I made about 4 dozen and by the time I looked back over at the table all but 5 were gone. (don't worry, those were gone a few minutes later)
Even Erika seemed to enjoy stuffing her face with Annie face cupcakes.

 Daddy Warbucks (Darren Saunders) Even sang a song to a cupcake he mistakenly took for Annie. They were that realistic looking. 

SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHOEBE! er...Annie? Er...Whatever! 

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Jacki Rich said...

OHHHHHHH! These are so cute! I better little Annie just loved them . You are awesome!