Monday, March 28, 2011

My Alter Ego Photography Project

I'm really loving my Photography Class! My teacher is kinda funny, in a jerk kind of a way. :) And although I knew a lot about the technicalities of a SLR camera, It was nice to have a teacher really grill you on it and make you to exercises to perfect that. I really feel like this class is slowly making me a better photographer. I say slowly because of my slow learning. Practice makes perfect? Well with me it's Practice makes acceptable. And that's after LOTS of practice. 
The project we're working on is called the alter ego. It's staged photos that we have to set up and take (lucky for me my SLR has a timer).
Well after some grueling and VERY late night photo shoots and some help from my lighting genius friend Brady Howard and borrowing wigs from Melanie and Chad and using my own as well, I was able to get a good collection and a couple of rolls of alter egos.
Well today I went to develop my film. I got the appropriate gear: canister, reel, can opener, scissors, etc, and went into the dark room. I switched the flip which turned on a bright red light sign outside the door that says 'ROOM IN USE.' and turned off the lights in the dark room and got to work. I got one roll of film onto the reel when I started on the second and BOOM. The door opened. Letting in tons of light onto my precious photos. The Photo Lab Monitor stared at me.
 "I'm In here!" I shouted in shock. She stared at me. 
"OH. Sorry!" She still stared.
"SHUT THE DOOR!" I cried!
Needless to say, both rolls had much damage and over exposure to them. After all the precious work and hours of sleep Brady and I had sacrificed, some IDIOT barged into an OBVIOUSLY occupied room without knocking. I just hope I can get enough prints for the required assignment. Which i DON"T have time to re-shoot. Anyway
I was able to get at least One good shot from this horrid experience.
Channeling My Inner Rosemary Clooney.
My alter Ego of being a Jazz Singer.

3 comments: :) said...

Sorry about your film :( Love the photo -- AND the other 'ego'!!

Candace said...

Bummer! I have to ask, is your inner Rosemary Clooney wearing a Paris Original? :) said...

Yes, Candy, it is -- AND it still fits VERY well!! Funny??? Love you -- mom :)