Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My collection

  • No one expects the stamp collector to actually mail letters with his stamps. No one expects the coin collector to use his coins in a vending machine for soda. So why does everyone expect me to use my fabric collection to actually sew anything!? I'm not a fabric-aholic. I'm a fabric collector.

Just for the record, this is NOT my fabric collection. This is the fabric I had bought between April and November that hadn't been used. (the Midsummer's fabric once took up this WHOLE book shelf)
I simply had to put fabric somewhere, because all my other places had been taken up. You know like the shelves my dad built for my fabric in the storage room. Or the giant closet in the sewing room filled with fabric. It's everywhere. and I love it all.


mm.gma.ar :) said...

I dare think we've created a MONSTER!! :)

Susanne said...

She who has the most fabric when she dies, wins!

Have you taken to changing the order of the colors to suit your moods yet? Oh the things you can do with fabric!