Thursday, December 6, 2012

How far I've come!

I've taken vocal coaching/voice lessons since I was 14. I took voice from a friend's mom, an amazing woman named Ginger Bess, and from a teacher at Snow College. The year I got home from Snow College I did Oklahoma and had a blast doing it! Fun cast, fun part, etc.  But even as I look back, I can just see so many things wrong with my performance. 

 I haven't taken a lesson since Snow college.
Until Now.
At the beginning of the summer, I started taking lessons from a woman named Maurie. And it was like the glass slipper just fit. One of the first things she did was make me audition for one of my dreamroles, Jo March in the musical, Little Women. I went to Centerpointe Legacy Theater and sang my audition along with hundreds of other women and girls. And I was one of the five called back for Jo. Five. Out of hundreds. I didn't get the part, (not uncommon for a first time auditioning at a theater). But I was so honored to be in the same call back as the 4 other women that were there with me. They were amazing.
Later a friend, told me he had a conversation with the music director. They were amazed by my talent, but when it came down to it, I didn't fit in with the other girls they wanted as Amy, Beth, and Meg. Not to mention, Maddie (actually my voice teacher's daughter) gave one of the most remarkable auditions I have ever seen anyone do.
My point is not to blow my own horn. It's to praise my voice teacher. What an amazing and remarkable woman. And she knows just what to do with my voice. She has been training me in classical, Jazz, theater, mix etc. She is making me do things I had no idea my voice was capable of. And most importantly, she is giving me the confidence I have never had. The problem is: I AM DYING TO GET BACK ON STAGE!
We had a recital for her students on Monday, and I performed with some of the most talented people in our theater department, which was really intimidating and a real honor. But I was absolutely amazed that I was able to do what I did. A really vocally demanding song. And last all the way through. I forgot how good it felt to do a good performance. And I'm dying for the opportunity again.

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