Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another one down (30x30)

It has been FOREVER since I posted! I know, I know! I'm sorry. But I have been so crazy. School has been insane! But I wanted to let you know that during the SUMMER, I knocked off one of my 30 by 30s! (Twenty freaking nine to go) But here goes: ahem, hem, hem (in style of Dolores Umbridge)
I directed a Musical.
Yes, All by myself.
This summer I directed Hello Dolly at Heritage Community Theatre in Perry, Utah. I've been involved at Heritage for over ten years now, it's where I met two of my best friends, I'm on the staff, I've starred, been in chorus, choreographed, costumed, set design, graphic designed, painted, stage managed, etc. etc. etc. at this theater. I directed Curious Savage a few years ago, but this was my first musical that I directed by myself. It turned out I not only directed, but choreographed, costume designed, cutter/draped, set designed, bla bla bla. The board was in a turn over, a communication wasn't strong, so I didn't get much support. Luckily I had a few people in my cast who were wonderful and came through.
The amazing Dolly dress. It was a purple velvet with sparkles on it. She was so sparkly! SOOO SPARKLY! It was definitely a wow moment. The audience audibly gasped, then cheered when she walked out in that dress.

Cornelius and Irene were 2 of my favorite characters and their kiss was incredible. 
We kind of became obsessed with Wall-e and Eve with these two characters

I loved Irene and Minnie Fay's dresses. I designed and draped them

Motherhood March was one of the greatest songs in the show. 

Dolly teaching the boys to dance. I loved Barnaby's bowtie and striped vest and plaid wool pants.

A "moment"

I loved this choreography so much. Collaborated with Phil Tuckett (my Cornelius) and he taught it. And it was an amazing dance.

Kajsa was not only an amazing stage manager, but stopped the show with laughter as Mrs. Rose

I am completely convinced that Shanna is the best Dolly there ever ever ever was. Better than Carol Channing, Pearl Bailey, Mary Martin, ANYONE. And I loved the dress I designed and cut and drape for her, and the hat I made for her. 

All in all, it was an amazing experience. 
1 down 29 to go.
I have a few on my list to get going and knock off. All in good time!


Andrew-L'autre said...

Congratulations on directing a musical, Mandee! :) There must have been a lot of hard work involved. Lovely pictures; definitely worth it.

Oh, and I liked the Dolores Umbridge reference there. ;) Glad you got to knock another item off your list.

Katie said...

I love this 30X30 list. I hope you don't mind, but I'd like to borrow it for my own blog!