Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thirty by Thirty

I'm 27 years old. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, I like being older. When I was younger I couldn't wait till I wasn't a stupid teenager anymore. That was the reason I didn't want to be a teen. Even as a teen I knew teens were stupid and obnoxious. ANYWHO.
I have loved my twenties so far. I've lived in 3 countries (besides the U.S.) I've done a lot of schooling (apparently not enough though, sheesh.) I've had bad relationships and a few good relationships, and I have amazing friends. I've been on amazing trips, I've made amazing costumes, and BLA BLA BLA!
Three years ago I wrote a post about my life so far and the things I've accomplished on my "list of things to do before I die."
By the age of 24 I had crossed off the following:
- I rode a horse in a dress
- I went Skydiving
- Played Evelyn Nesbit in Ragtime
- Rode a tandem bike on the beach.
- Saw a Broadway show in NYC
- Saw the Taj Mahal
- Ate dinner on a beach at sunset (in Sri Lanka actually)
- Saw Sutton Foster Live
- Learned to do Yoga (very basics, but enough to calm down my freak outs)
- Played the Tambourine in a band.
- Went snorkeling on a coral reef
- Received my endowments from an LDS temple
- Saw Rachmaninoff's second concerto performed live. (with my mom)
- Lived in Europe (germany)
- Lived in India and did humanitarian work.
- Get a puppy. (sigh)

16 things done. that means i had 84 to go. So what have I done in the last 3 years that I have crossed off my list? Let's see.

Won a Costume Contest
(If you'd like to see more pics click HERE)

Worked at a Renaissance Faire
(It was a very cold day here. I'm trying to stay warm)

Went to Rome
(With my best friend, Kristi, none the less)

Visited the Sacred Grove in Palmyra, New York

Read Shakespeare in Stratford Upon Avon
(This is in Anne Hathaway's garden. Anne was Shakespeare's wife)

Climbed to the top of the Statue of Liberty
(Thayne, Me, Mom, and Russell)

Visited Stonehenge

Did something drastic to my hair. 
(I pixie cut it, then I bleached it blonde. WOAH!)

Study Abroad

Saw a show in Shakespeare's Globe in London
Ran a 5k

Studied Shakespeare in London

So now I am going to do more. I have a 30 by 30 list. I have three years until I turn 30 and I'm going to accomplish 30 things on my "bucket list" my "101 things I want to do before I die" list etc etc etc. 
I got this idea from my friend, Jen. (She's also my brother's very special friend that's a girl and they go on dates and kiss. yes, his girlfriend, and I love her to death.)
Some of the things I'm determined to get done on my 30 by 30 include:
1-Graduate with my Bachelors.
2-Go to a Redwings game. (My bro-in-law, Ron says I can't without him)
3-Breath Fire.
4-Learn to do amazing Night photography. 
5-Go back to Europe. (Especially England)

So I'll keep you updated. Everytime I accomplish something on my 30 by 30, I'll post it. If i do 10 things for each next 3 years, I can do it!!! 


Elena Loo said...

I love this!! Mandee, you've been able to do so much, it's awesome! Way to go for 30 by 30! You can do it!

Amberlie said...

Mandee, you're great :) And I'm proud to be your niece :)
I love you!!

Nirvanaforever said...

I randomly came across your page and you're living my dream life! You have done some pretty amazing things and that's what I want to do. Now that I read this, you inspired me to do greater things in life. I hate hearing my friends plans of when they graduate high school. They are all so boring,and I just don't wanna live a cookie cutter life like the rest of society. I'm not sure if you'll even see this comment but, I hope ya do! I just started blogging not to long ago and I love it,but I only blog about music and things I make,but now I'm gonna make a page like yours hahah.

Kiki said...

Good for you! I enjoy checking out bucket lists and am encouraged when people conquer them!

Bernadette Smith said...

Hey, just found your blog randomly. I love this post of yours. I'm 16 and I hate my teen life. Can't wait for my twenties. It's so nice to see a happy post :)