Monday, April 2, 2012

"Father Forgive me"

So a while back, like...years ago, I worked for Foursite Film Institute. It was...interesting. But one of the fun parts was helping out with films, and I got to be in a few, always small parts. One of them was a period piece called "Father, Forgive Me." And was so cheesy. But I found it on youtube last night, and you know what? I remembered how much fun I had doing my little part. So if you want, I'm in the first five minutes or so (I'm Miss Kitty) and after that, no more. So if you don't want to keep watching, you don't have to, but my friend, Jim is super sexy on his horse (he's the deputy) and I thought Charlie Halford did a great job (the sister's husband) as does Paul Mize (the sheriff).
It's also one of my favorite costumes I've ever made and worn (the one I am wearing). I spent a long itme on it, and it has a million buttons up the back. It turned out phenomenal and it fit me like a glove, especially then at my smallest at 135.
Also, how about that cheeky butt slap?

Enjoy. It was fun to recall that.

P.S. I always kinda wished I'd let Tye kiss me in that scene, just for the blooper reel. :( Maybe next time.

Lastly, this was a dance for the camera we did while I was there. I did the costumes. Nothing too fancy, but it was so much fun to be a part of.


Russell Shaffer said...

I agree. Nice butt-slap.

Angey98 said...

Love your blog check mine out please <3 xox