Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another Semester Down

One more semester down. I can't believe how far I've come and how much closer I am to graduating. I should be done in about 3-5 semesters (depending on how well i do my scheduling and how I fit in classes) But I'm proud of this semester.

I got a 3.89 this semester! That pulled my overall GPA up to a 3.27
It's always nice to see what your hard work and stress and anger and tears paid off.  Costume Design was one of the most time demanding classes I have ever taken. I was so proud of getting an A in that class. There were times where I was sure I blew it. 
If I keep getting good grades, hopefully that will pull my GPA up to a 3.6 by the time I graduate and I can graduate Cum Laude. That would just be incredible. Here's to crossing my fingers and hoping and working hard the next few years.

This is why I never really have time to hang out with my friends. This is why I don't take time to do stuff on the weekends or go out and Party. Because when you get to this point, then everything the whole semester was worth it. And when I finally walk across that stage, hopefully with a purple and white cord around my neck, It is going to be one of the best feeling ever.  

(Yes I only got a B in yoga. I slept in a few days...........)

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Andrew-L'autre said...

I hope you continue to do well! :)