Sunday, March 1, 2009

Big Pink Bunnies, Smoked Fish, and Nutella filled Croissants

What's the Point of having lucky rocket underwear if you can't show anyone? --Calvin & Hobbes--

Well How is everyone? Oh good. good. I've had a busy two weeks. It was Fasching last week and weekend. I watched the girls monday (so no FHE) while Michael and Carola went to a party. Fasching is a holiday that kind of begins Lent and also chases the winter demons away. It's like Mardi Gras and Halloween mixed. No jokes. With the costumes and the partying and the craziness.

Michael and Carola going to Fasching.
Carola is a witch and Michael is a hill-billy.

I also got to go hang out with my friend, Felix, we went to the top of this hill in Königstein. We had to hike up, but it wasn't just covered in snow, the snow was ICE. And I was wearing my all stars. And Those have NO traction on them anymore. So we're trying to get up this mountain but it's just ICe and so i take a step, and my foot just slides back down. It took forever. But we got to the top and you could see out over Frankfurt and it was amazing. It was just wow. Amazing. We hung out for a while. And then got McFlurries and went home.

Frankfurt from Königstein

We had a Relief Society luncheon this week. It was so much fun. I have some amazing ladies in my relief society. I got to know a lot of them much more, which was fantastic. They're all amazing ladies!

Friday was amazing. Dallin H. Oaks had a fireside for the YSA's. If you want to hear more about that, the blog before this one has more on it. But it was just amazing.

On Saturday Julie took me to This place called the Sonnenblumen Garten Center. It's like a giant garden store but it also has like gifts, patio stuff, furniture, and fresh produce. tehre'a also a resaurant and cheese and teas and coffees.

Me and Charlie at the Sunflower Garden Center
We couldn't figure out what these Bunnies were for.
They were actually kinda creepy

Smoked Fish anyone? I think I'd rather eat
Mojara. Maybe that's just me

So then later on Saturday I babysat for Julie. While the boys were watching the incredibles I made Nutella Croissants. They're really easy and really yummy. All you need is pillsburry croissants and nutella. I found the best way to put the nutella is to put a glob along the bottom, then just roll it up!

Then place them on the pan all pretty like!

Lick the Nutella off the knife while it cooks. This one is very important to remember! As nutella is very nutritional and tasty and you don't want to waste ONE bit!

MMMMmmmm! Nutella filled Croissants! They are super yummy! Enjoy!

If you really want to know what has been going on in my life this week, then read my blog before this one about the Dallin H. Oaks fireside. or the one before that on sending me packages. Woohoo!

Hope everyone is happy! Write me!
Love you all!


Candace said...

Those Nutella croissants look delicious. I think if I had one of those and a bright pink bunny, I would be set for life!!

Jacki Rich said...

Fun!! I amgoing totry those croissants. They look Yummy!
You are so cute!