Thursday, March 19, 2009

A few funny moments

Well I guess when you don't have anything new to write about, it means you're used to your life here and you're in a schedule and used to things. I think the honeymoon period of this job has worn off. It's life now. I look forward to Easter break in a few weeks. The girls will be going to London with their parents. I just need a break. Not indefinitely, just for a little bit. Then hopefully it will give me enough juice to keep going.

It was really nice getting a package from Kristi. I have the greatest best friend in the world. She's so...attentive to my needs, and she's done this AuPair thing before, so she understands how much you want and need things. I feel bad, because when she was AuPairing in France, I wasn't as good to her and she is being to me. But it was great getting Marshmallow Mateys, Reeses Puffs, Kit Kats, Sour Patch Watermelon's, Star Burst Jelly beans, CHEETOS (those were gone in 2 days) and a movie I'd been wanting, and of course Angels and Demons to read. It was like Christmas. Carola said she couldn't believe how excited I was for this package. So Thank you, Rally Mae, for the best package!

Well I don't really have any new pics to share, but I do have some stories. Nothing too big, just something to help you laugh, I hope.

Well at FHE on Monday, I usually sit by the missionaries and their investigators. Everyone teases that the Americans sit together and anyone else sits together. It's more like, those who speak English sit together and those who don't sit together. But I was sitting there and one of the elders walked in and he had a companion that I hadn't met yet. (transfers were a few weeks ago) and for about 20 minutes the companion just kept staring at me. And finally he said,
"How Do I know you!?"
"I don't know. How do you know me?"
"Where are you from?"
"North Ogden, Utah."
"Where are you from?"
"Brigham City, Utah."
I smile already knowing how this kid konws me, "Oh yeah? Do you ever see stuff at Heritage Theater?"
I turned to one of the elders who I joke around with who once asked if I was a well known actress. I just looked at him and said,
"I told you I was famous."

Michael finally fixed my bike. So now i have a bike to ride around town in, which is sooo nice. I love riding my bike whether it's to the store, to the library, or through the farm lands. Hopefully now i can take off some of this weight I've put on. Get back to wearing my size 8 jeans. I only fit in my Mek jeans, so I wear those every day. Anyway So I went into the garage to get my bike out and I could see a bunch of kid bikes and two adult bikes and a medium size bike. Okay, I guess that's mine. So I pull it out and go to the store. It was kinda small, Jane, the last AuPair, must have had much shorter legs than myself.
So yesterday, Anna and I had to go to anna's Dance Class. So I get my bike out and look in the garage and say, uh..where's your bike? And she looks at me funny and points at my bike and I go..
"Oh...Right." Awkward Pause. "Which is mine?"
I had been riding an 9 year old's bike around town. Don't even ask me how that was possible.

Yesterday was Carola's Birthday. So on Tuesday, Cara (4 yr old) and I attempted to make her a cake, at Michael's request. So I found some cake mix, but the instructions were in German. So Here I am, looking up every other word in my Language Dictionary trying to figure out how to make this cake (and no, German cake mixes are not like American). And I keep talking out loud you know..
"oooh! That's what it means....Oh right, so then we add 100 ml of water...." I'm flipping through the pages and probably looking like a mad man as Cara just stands on the chair next to me watching. So at one point I'm trying to figure out how much 150 g of Butter is and I say to cara,
"I can't figure this out. How much is 150 g of Butter?" She looks at me very somberly, picks up my dictionary and says very matter of factly and in perfect English.
"Look it up in your book."
I just looked at her and started laughing so hard. It really calmed me down. We figured out the cake and it didn't turn out too bad. Funfetti with Rainbow chips is ten times better, but hey, we do what we can.

Alright and my last story for this week happened last night.
Since it was Carola's birthday, Michael and Carola went out for the night. So I was flying solo with the girls at Bedtime. And it wasn't easy last night. First of all, I was exhausted. Simply just...exhausted. Everyone thought I was sick. I just tried explaining that no, I was just really tired. Anna got home late from dance, Sophia was crying because I had to use my assertive voice with her, and...welll.. cara, cara, cara.
SO i finally get anna upstairs and getting ready for bed, Cara is finally IN bed, and I'm reading a chapter of Sophia's book to her. I hear Cara get up and I think, she's just going potty. Well about 1 minute later I hear SCREAMING CRYING in the bathroom. I look at Sophia, Tell her I'll be right back and go in the bathroom. Cara has her tongue sticking out and is having an emotional screaming crying break down. Anna has this evil grin she's trying to hide. Next to cara is an open bottle of roll-on deoderant.
"She didn't..."
"Yeah she did."
"She licked the deoderant?"
I asked her if it hurt and she said no, it tasted gross. So i gave her some water to drink and got very assertive with Anna, brush your teeth, get to bed, no more talking to your sisters tonight. So I brush Cara's teeth (and tongue) again. And she's sobbing the whole time.
"Cara, you're fine. You need to stop crying."
Anna rushes in.
"Mandee, I think you need to call an ambulance. What if she's poisoned?"
Cara starts screaming again.
"She's not poisoned."
"How do you know?"
"Anna, while I wouldn't suggest doing it every day, One lick from deoderant is not goign to poison Cara. And you should have thought of that before you convinced her to do it."
"Mein bauch tut weh!" (Cara saying, my tummy hurts)
"See! She's gonna be poisoned!"
Screaming commences even louder.
"Cara, your tummy hurts because you're crying so hard that your coughing. You need to calm down and breath. And Anna, get into bed NOW."
It took me an extra 15 minutes to calm everyone down.
Oh what's Sophia doing during all of this? Playing the Nintendo DS.

Have a great week. Love you all.


Candace said...

Comment on the last story: This is the perfect example of why I shouldn't have children. That story made me feel violent. I can't imagine actually getting through it with your calmness. Cheers, Mandee. My hat's off to you.

The Holdens said...

Ahahahahaha!!! That actually makes me miss my days as a nanny.