Sunday, January 24, 2010


So I love to cook. Most people don't know this about me. And I love to bake, I'm just not very good at it. (seirously) but I still love to do it. And I love cupcakes. They are such happy little things. And they're fun to eat. Celeste knows this and she got me a cook book for Christmas called the 101 gourmet cupcakes in 10 minutes. This book has some amazing recipes! Well we finally worked out our schedules to see each other and yesterday she gave me my gift. I was way pleased and so I decided to try out one of the recipes.

So I saw this recipe and I decided I HAD to try it:

And here are the supplies I got: I decided to go with the chocolate frosting instead of the whip cream frosting. And oh my word I'm glad I did.

Now the batter was so thick my beaters couldn't even handle it, so I added an extra 1.5 TBS of milk and a half a tablespoon of vegetable oil. It was still thick and heavy, but it was more manageable.

The cupcakes were really heavy, adn kinda sunk. I was wondering if it would have worked better if I'd beaten the egg whites first, so they had a little air in them. But they still tasted sooooo good. I baked them a little too long. So about 16 minutes is fine. And if you try to eat them while they're hot, they tend to dry out so I would let them cool in the cupcake papers which traps some of the moisture.

 But they were SOO GOOD! I definitely say try this recipe!

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