Monday, February 1, 2010

A Big Step!

I am directing a play. Did you know that? I'm directing a play that is very dear to my heart, The Curious Savage. I've directed before, twice in high school, and a couple of the times after that in college. But nothing full length or without a grade pending or a teacher helping, although I know Melanie will be there every step of the way that I need her to, she'll also push me to do my best and do as much as I can alone. This is the play Melanie has been preparing me for these last 10 years. My first full length play that I'm directing by myself.
Although, I'm very nervous. I have found that more and more people I thought were auditioning, no longer want to or can. And I'm getting kinda scared. It's a new and big step for me. What if I have some actors who don't want to learn their lines? What if I direct them wrong? What if what if what if? I guess we'll see right? Here goes nothing I guess! Auditions are this week, and after I cast the show, the easy work begins. At least that's what they all tell me.

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MegyKaye said...

wow mandee!!! that sounds fun! your gona do sooooo great! see you in march girl!!!