Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First midsummer's rehearsals

For the last week i've been in auditions for my show and Melanie's show. It was really interesting being on this side of her job and watching her cast. A side I've never been on with her. And although I didn't always get the part I wanted in high school, and these kids don't always get the parts they want, etc, I learned one thing about this woman who i have come to love and hold very very very dear: She has deep beautiful heart and she cares SO much about her students and giving them what they want, but also need.

I really wanted to have Caroline and Becca's renderings done for today so they could kinda see what I had in mind for their costume, but I only got Caroline's done. And hers doesn't have hair on it yet...oh well. And I haven't painted the boys, because I still want to go down to Provo for their fabric and haven't decided which  color i want them to be. 

Last night I layed out ALL the fabric I had to show Chad my concept and 1- realized i have NO puck fabric, but that's because I was waiting for Mel to cast either a boy or girl. and then I started picturing each kid and stuff in each costume, because I know who is wearing what...and I wanted to cry.
 I got the biggest chills
 and I was soooo excited. I know it sounds stupid,but really it was so exciting for me. Chad was oohing and ahing and grabbing this one and grabbing that one and was SO excited. Jason will look SO good in that vest and Cara will look SO amazing in all that gold and Morgan will just SHINE in all that blue for the water fairy and Emily will be so pretty in those autumn colors and Pyper will look amazing in the Earth tones and I just...was so excited. I finally was able to really really see my vision in my head, because I was able to see people IN this fabric and it wasn't just pretty fabric I had bought tha tI had these cool ideas for. They are actually going to be realized! and i CAN"T WAIT! The fairies are going to look AMAZING. HOLY COW! 

I love amazing even myself. I don't know where my concepts and designs come from, but I don't feel like they come from me most of the time, because when I saw all that fabric together laying across my basement, it felt like all these going that well together was just too good to be true. I am sooo excited!  I'll be posting more pics of my renderings, and as the costumes come together so you can see. And I hope you plan to come see this show. Because it is going to be absolutely MAGICAL EYE CANDY!

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ann said...

Lovely! Can't wait to see pictures. I wish you were my personal costumer...