Monday, March 29, 2010


My cousin Jeremiah and his wife, Jess have the funniest little boy, Boston. This kid is crazy! Just like his parents. This kid is determined to do things on his own.
This video is awesome to our family. I find it so inspiring. So many life lessons taught in this funny ten minute video. And trust me, it's worth spending the ten minutes to watch. The were going at this whole process for about forty minutes. What patient and amazing parents. I don't know if I'll allow that for my kids when something like this happens. "no, I'll put your bike in the car, now get in."
But the thing I love is when Boston says, "I can do it" what does Miah say? "I know you can."

And although Boston is doing it, all by himself, Miah and Jess are there the whole time, next to him, guiding him, giving him advice, and ready to help if he asks for it.

How often do we tell Heavenly Father "I CAN DO IT!" and he says, "Yes I know you can." But of course he's there the whole time, waiting, watching, ready to swoop in when we say, "Please, help me." But knowing that we can do it. Enjoy the video. I can't watch it enough.

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