Saturday, May 22, 2010

My super long day

got woken up at 5.
reminded mother i didn't need to by up for another 45 minutes
woke up at 5:45
Got dressed super fast
walked to subway station
took subway to south ferry. 
Waited in lines going to the statue of liberty, 
Walked through over protective security check.
stood on boat over to island
waited in line to get off boat
walked around liberty island
waited in line to go through another security check
waited for proper time frame for our tour
walked around museum
walked up 356 stairs to the crown of lady liberty. 
walked down the 356 stairs
waited in line at food
waited in line to get back on boat
waited in line to get off boat
waited in line at Ellis Island. 
walked through ellis island
got kicked off ellis island when fire alarm went off. 
waited in more line to get back on boats. 
stood on boats
walked to subway
stood on subway
walked to lambardi's. 
Waited 45 minutes to be seated. 
Walked to subway station. 
subway station was closed
walked back to other subway station
took subway up town a few stops
crossed to other platform
Stood on crowded subway all the way to city hall. 
walked across brooklyn bridge.
walked to park under brooklyn bridge. 
took freaking amazing pictures of NY skyline
walked back to subway (uphill) 
stood on crowded subway to times square. 
got off at times square walked a mile through subway stations. 
walked across super crowded times square
waited in line to use bathroom
stood on crowded subway. 
got to 110th. 
Went grocery shopping. 
walked to apartment.
walked up 4 flights of stairs
Ran up 1 flight of stairs. 
crashed on the couch. 
took ibuprofen in hopes swelling in feet would go down
wrote blog
Falling asleep.
Goodnight neverland.

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