Friday, February 13, 2009

If I don't have a puppy, I will DIE.

So the other day I was thinking about when I asked my mom for a puppy and the process i went through to get coco and how I used a "christmas miracle wish" line on my poor mother. That's the moment she gave in and told me to start looking for a puppy. She can't resist a good christmas miracle wish story.
But I before then I would email her pictures of puppies like these....i'm pretty sure these are the same ones i sent

And I would say things like...Can I come live with you please? Or..I'm looking for a good home, Can Amanda bring me home?

My mom would always reply to these emails with
"Oh, No thank you little puppy."
As a young adult, I would beg my mom.
Anyway, I think this poem reminds me a lot of those beggings. And I just love this poem

There was a girl named Abigail
Who was taking a drive
Through the country
With her parents
When she spied a beautiful sad-eyed
Grey and white pony.
And next to it was a sign
That said,
"Oh," said Abigail,
"May I have that pony?
May I please?"
And her parents said,

"No you may not."
And Abigail said,
"But I MUST have that pony."
And her parents said,
"Well, you can have a nice butter pecan
Ice cream cone when we get home."
And Abigail said,
"I don't want a butter pecan
Ice cream cone,
And her parents said,
"Be quiet and stop nagging--
You're not getting that pony."
And Abigail began to cry and said,
"If I don't get that pony I'll die."
And her parents said, "You won't die.
No child ever died yet from not getting a pony."

And Abigail felt so bad
That when she got home she went to bed,

And she couldn't eat,
And she couldn't sleep,
And her heart was broken,
And she DID die--
All because of a pony
That her parents wouldn't buy.

(This is a good story
To read to your folks

When they won't buy
You something you want.)

Abigail and the Beautiful Pony

Shel Silverstein

Okay, so maybe that's a little extreme, but Hey, I was able to get my puppy!

And what a cute little thing she is! After I got Coco Chanel (she's half yorkie half chihuahua) I couldn't remember what it was like to not have a dog. And now I remember, and you know what? I hate it. I don't know how people don't have pets. And I already know that in some years when Coco passes on (or gets hit by a car from running away all the time) I'm going to have to get another dog. I just don't know how I could. I miss her so much! I can't believe how this little animal has become MY CHILD! I just love her so much it is RIDICULOUS!
All in all. I'm so glad that I have the cutest puppy in the whole world and I can't WAIT to get home, give my mommy a hug, give my daddy a hug, then cuddle my puppy and smother her with kisses and play ball with her!

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a.r. :) said...

No one has a comment about your CUTE puppy -- your hysterical poem, and your obsession with looking up cute puppy pictures on the internet????? I think you should get a German Dog! :)
love you -- mom <3