Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pepperoni, and zuchinni, and a lots of mozerella!

Even after all this time
the sun never says to the earth, "You owe Me."
Look what happens with a love like that,
It lights up the Whole Sky.

I love that quote, don't you?? It's painted on the wall at the girl's wall and everytime I see it I am grateful for those in my life who have given to me unconditionally, even conditionally, but thank you for bringing a light into my life that has brought me where I am today.

I just can't believe how fast time goes. I feel like I"ve been here forever. And yet I can't believe it's already been 3 weeks. I'm really getting into the groove of things here. I'm starting to get to know the girl's schedules really well and know what needs to come next, etc.

I got to go to FHE at the institute this week. As long as one of the parents are around, they'e okay with me going to FHE on Monday nights. I wish I could go to institute thursday nights as well, but Thursday nights aren't good for Carola, so FHE it is. I met some really cool people and I can tell it's going to help my german a lot.

I met a kid from my ward, Adam. He's the Mission President's son and it's just so much fun to have a friend to hang out with that is American. We were sitting by each other at FHE and this...I think he's malaysian, guy was just chewing us out for being American. The sad thing was that Adam and I were laughing the whole time.

When we eat dinner at FHE, they ask us to give 1,50 Euro to help pay for dinner, and Adam was late and put his money in, but I was the only one who saw it. So the senior missionary couple were teasing him that he didn't put his money in and I said, "No I saw him put it in. I'll vouch for him." And everyone started giving the "Americans" a hard time for sticking together and the malaysian kid said (and was totally serious). "You Americans! First you ruin the economy! Then you come over here and steal our lunch money!" Adam and I just looked at each other and burst out laughing and couldn't stop.

I got to see a fantastic sunrise this week when i was coming home from taking the girls to school. Luckily I had my camera, so I pulled over into some farm fields and took some pics. It was so beautiful. This picture isn't photoshopped at all. The sun and the sky were really that orange. The sun doesn't look that orange in this pic, but it was sooo orange. It was beautiful. This picture doesn't even do it justice.

I hung out at Rob and Julie's this week (My American Neighbor.) Chad, her four year old, was home sick, so I went over and hung out with them and Chad taught me how to play Indiana Jones Lego on the X-box. That this is so funny. The Lego games for Xbox and stuff...they are just funny. But she's just so awesome. I also got to babysit the boys. We made brownies and put ice cream on it. I love my family I live with, but it's just so nice to be with some Americans who are so sweet to me and tell me, "Come over anytime, eat whatever you want. We stocked up on Fanta and Diet Coke for you."

Oh, Russ, Thayne, Sid, etc. The youngest girl I watch is named Cara and her English isn't as good as her sisters, but she'll try. But she'll usually just directly translate from German and so she'll say something like...well in German she would say, "Mandee, Warum machst du das?" Which is , Why are you doing that? But she says, "Mandee, Why do you that?" or "Mandee, I like that not" etc. So sometimes I call her little yoda. hahaha.

I got a package from My mom this week which was just so fantastic. It was sheets and some slippers and thermals (YAY) and my blankie and books for the girls. They loved Are you my mother, they were so worried for that baby bird. They wanted him to find his mother so bad. And laughed whenever he asked a new animal "Are you my mother?" And they weren't even looking at the book when i read, "Green Eggs and Ham." But I wasn't looking at the book either. They were just staring at me like, "Oh my gosh. She actually can say this whole book."
I can't wait to read Fox in Socks to them. I just hope i can do my brother, Thayne, proud. I mean, I know with Fox in Socks I'll never be to his caliber, but it's something to strive for. ;)

Julie and I always laugh that Julie has stuff shipped from Costco here, in economy sizes. Like Peanut butter and microwave popcorn and huge bags of chocolate chips. YOu know, stuff you can't get here. Well when I eat breakfast, or need a snack. I'll mix muesli and cornflakes and yogurt and just eat that. So Carolla came home the other day with this like...COSTCO size box of Cornflakes. The kind that has about 3 bags in it. I was so happy. It made me laugh.

It felt so good to have a day off finally. I've worked the last 2 saturdays I've been here, so I really haven't had a day off except Sundays, which is great, but it hasn't given me a chance to go DO something. So on Saturday I met Adam in Frankfurt and we went to Vapiano's for lunch (Russell, I have to take you here when you come, their pizza is amazing. Like...I think you'd approve) and then we went Rock climbing. It was just a blast! It felt good to take a break from my work and be with a friend.
Hey Look at Me Go!!!!

Me and Adam taking a break

After I fell bouldering. My forearms were shot by that point

Allright So here's my video for the week. This is for Russell and Carlyanna. And they will know why when they here me sing. But these pizzas were amazing. Mine had shaved Parm and Fresh tomatoes and I don't know what the green stuff is. But the sauce and the melted moz were amazing. Anyway, here you go Russ and Car

Yeah that's been stuck in my head all day now!
We had a great fast sunday today in my ward. Beautiful testimonies and an amazing lesson on personal revelation. You know what I love? When you are sitting in church listening to the lesson and you start pondering on your own life, and you DO receive personal revelation. I did today. and I'm so grateful for that.

Alright Everyone! I hope things are going well! I love you all so much! Tonight Michael and I bought me a handytelefon (Cell Phone). It's nothing fancy, and everything is prepaid cards, but incoming calls are free. I'll get that number out so if anyone ever wants to call me, you're more than welcome! It'll be more convenient than calling the house phone. Alright, I love you guys! Write me!!!!


sidjedi said...

Hahahahaha! You should carry her on your back for a few days! That would be hilarious!

Ps, I kid you not! the verification word i have to type in for this comment is "pirate" AWESOME!

Jacki Rich said...

BACK ON THE COMP> Loved reading your updates... Carly thought your Pep. Song was so funny! we both laughed. Can you believe how cute that little Kaniela is! We missyou!! Keep having fun! YOU ARE AWESOME

Kandyce said...

Miss you!!