Friday, April 23, 2010

My new love affair

My sister, Sharla, and I have discovered our love a photography and we're always sharing ideas and news etc. She introduced me to something that at first I was doubtful of until I started researching it myself. Now I am obsessed, excited, and in love. With what you ask?
The Holga Camera
I am ready to have a love affair with this camera. Isn't it so simple? YEP! It is! It is a tiny plastic toy looking camera. It was born in the 80's in Hong Kong and yet, it takes AMAZINGLY brilliant pictures. I've been reading on people's blogs about the Holga and the people who take pics with it...LOVE IT! So I'm buying one today to take to NYC with me. 
Film is not dead! And you can still take amazing pictures with film. This camera lets in light, takes vignettes, has filters, fish eye lenses, etc. The more and more I research this product the more excited I am to try it! So here's some photos people have taken with their holgas! So here goes to experimental photography! I'll take mine to washington square park and coney island! I may finally be able to achieve the photography I'm always trying to do with a cheap little plastic camera and old school film. :) Nothing like vintage!

Double exposure:

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