Monday, February 21, 2011

The Birthday Cake and it's sad fate.

Happy Birthday to my Best Boy, CHAD! If I'm grace, he's my Jack. Keeps me laughing! Keeps me smiling! And we have both missed each other's birthdays for about the last three years! So sad. So this year, I was so excited because Chad was having a fun party with Karaoke and fun times all around! And plenty of drinking, even though I'd be knockin back the shots of Martinelli's Sparkling Cider and Apple Juice. :) Ha. Anyway, As official best friend, I decided I was going to make the cake! 

Now last March I made rainbow cupcakes and chad LOVED THEM! And he asked me to either make them for his birthday or for a pride-week-party. So when he told me he was having a party for his birthday I claimed the right of cake making. 

 So as I started making the cake (ALL DAY SATURDAY) and went through SO MUCH food coloring, I decided to finish it Sunday after church before I headed up to Logan for the party. It rained all Saturday night, which melted all the snow (which was awesome) but about seven o'clock at night, I looked outside and there were flakes as BIG AS MY FACE! Okay maybe not that big, but they were HUGE! But the problem, was by morning, this is what we had:
And This:

 And this:
A foot of snow! And it was still snowing after church. Now, for those of you who have driven to Logan from Ogden know how scary Sardine Canyon can be. I've had friends get in really bad accidents through Sardine, and you also know that driving through Sardine Canyon in a snow storm is NOT an option unless you're in an Army issued HumVee or a Snowcat! And in my little subaru, I decided it was much too dangerous. So once again, I had to miss my boy's birthday party. And i was sad. 
It didn't stop me from enjoying some cake. Even without Chad! So I had my own birthday party for Chad at my house. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHADDY! Thanks for the five years of amazing friendship!
Maybe we'll be together for my birthday this year! Your cake was tasty. And super pretty. And the gayest thing I've ever baked. :) 


astro said...

Shouldn't the purple be at the top? But honestly that is an AWESOME cake!! Job well done!!

Sea Shutter said...

YAY! You Made it!! I LOVE it!! Good job!!!

Mandee Shaffer said...

No, the purple shouldn't be on top! In a so-called "primary rainbow" (the lowest, and also normally the brightest rainbow) the arc of a rainbow shows red on the outer (or upper) part of the arc, and violet on the inner section. This rainbow is caused by light being reflected once in droplets of water. In a double rainbow, a second arc may be seen above and outside the primary arc, and has the order of its colours reversed (red faces inward toward the other rainbow, in both rainbows).

Also, the LGBT Flag has the red on top with Purple on bottom.

But thank you for thinking it's awesome anyway! hahaha!

Candace said...

I LOVE it!! Great cake, Mandee! :) said...

Cool, AND delicious cake! AND you have a nice playlist! :)

Sailing with bare feet said...

Beautiful cake !!
I want to make one like that !!

eemzah said...

That looks SOOOO delicious, you have to put the recipe!! I would want that sooo bad! And my birthday is coming up :P Perhaps you could send it over from America to Sweden.

Btw, I know what you're going through with the snow... Unluckily...