Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Current Obsessions

So it's been a while since I posted one of my "current obsessions" posts. But here you go! I usually only do 5, but this time I had 7 I wanted to talk about! Enjoy!

My new bangs. My friend, Jen, is amazing with hair. I've never met anyone who has done my hair and never disappointed me. Even when I feel a little anxiety or apprehension as the process goes on I always tell myself to shut up and trust Jen, because she knows what she's doing. Anyway, I have been letting my super short hair grow out and right now it's at the length of my chin. I hadn't gotten it cut for over 6 months and Jen decided to give me short fringe bangs. At first I was like...what? um...okay I guess..then she did it and I LOVED IT! Totally fashioned after Audrey's Breakfast at Tiffany's bangs! I'll try to post a pic sometime.

For Christmas I finally received something I've wanted for years: CS5 editing suite! It's amazing and I am finally able to do everything I've been trying to do with Photoshop 7 for years. I feel so uninhibited and free with my photo editing and design! Celena even sat down and showed me to use brushes! (I admit, I had never known anything about brushes!) and I LOVE IT! So fun!

Chuck. This show is SO FANTASTIC! I get it in my netflix, so I only get one disc every three or four days, so it's not too interfering with my school work, but I just LOVE IT! Chuck is ADORABLE and charming! And now I love Zachary Levi in Tangled even more now! He's so clever! And I love Adam Baldwin since he was in Firefly! And he's perfect as Casey. Anyway, Love Chuck. Reminds me of something that would happen to Russell.

My new Chucks. I hate getting new Chucks. I love my old broken in chucks and have since I can remember. Also, I haven't bought a new pair of chucks in YEARS because I don't want to appear as one of those girls who wears them now because their trendy. But my black chucks have been worn out for a few years now and I hvae been putting off buying a new pair. But then I found these at Christmas and Santa got them for me. I loved them, because their SPARKLY! (You know how much I love Sparkle!) But they're awesome because it's like I'm just wearing black chucks but then as I move, oh wait...THEY SPARKLE! I love em.

Running. I've been running lately, and while I in the past have HATED running, it feels great to spend 12 hours at school, pent up all that anger and frustration, then go to the gym and run a few miles. while I'm doing it I keep thinking, "wow. I hate this so much. I'm going to die!" and I feel like Homer in the above picture. And there's all these pretty skinny girls and totally athletic boys breezing by me without breaking a sweat, going 4 laps for my every one. But after I do about 2 miles I'm very proud of myself. (And very hopeful that the weight will start coming off soon.)

Love this website. Cutest fabric ever. And I know you probably wouldn't think so, but they are very affordable compared to other websites with quilting fabrics. Check out the whale fabrics. i am going to make a quilt from it. Someday. When I'm not spending hours on homework. :(

The Walking Dead was a TV show that premiered in October about a Zombie apocalypse. Now, believe me, this show is NOT for everyone. It has gory zombie death, gory human death. But let me tell you what I love about this show that you don't get in my favorite zombie movies including Zombieland, 28 Days Later, and Shawn of the Dead. Since this show was on TV it isn't chuck full of the F word. Now I admit (with much chagrin since my mother will be reading this) that the F word doesn't bother me when it's used once in a while in movies or plays. Just doesn't. One of my "liberal artistic downfalls" (yeah right...me liberal) I guess. Anyway, Zombie movies tend to be FULL of them to the point where it's distracting. Also, I LOVE the characters like I have never loved characters in a zombie movie before. Amusingly even a member of the bishopric in my YSA ward loves it too! Anyway, I finally watched it, and had really been wanting to, and love it. If you like Zombie movies, or even just really intense stuff, watch it. It's not on DVD yet, so you'll have to download it. Rumors are that there will be another season this October, this time with about 16 episodes instead of the 6. I hope so. I really want more. That was NOT a closured ending for such an intense season. They have to have more.

Anyway, those are my obsessions as of late!


Candace said...

I need pictures of your bangs. Stat.

~Ames~ said...

I love chuck! great show, we Tivo it all the time :D Anyways, it was funny, I was on my bloghit next blg, and you have the same layout/backgroud thinger. Ha, just thourgh this one post, I can telll youre pretty cool! Totally following :P