Thursday, February 3, 2011

Missing Katie and Damon: A tribute to Tie-Dye

So last night (Groundhog day) My friends Katie and Damon who are fantastic and quirky and wonderful had a tie-dying party. Katie was my roommate my second year at Snow College and her husband attended there after us. But they are awesome. Anyway. They had a tie-dying party, but since they live out in Nowhere faraway land in Spanish Fork, I couldn't go to said party for 2 reasons: gas money and i needed to study. Well I bought a white hoodie because I thought I'd be able to go to the party, and I really wanted to dye it. So I found some dye I had laying around from other costumes I'd dyed before. 

The white hoodie. (It's from Old Navy, super soft, super comfy, and on sale right now.
They have other great colors as well)
Tie it UP! You can kinda control the way your patterns will look. Lines? Folds? Circles? SQUARES? You can do it! Just THINK about it, you'll be surprised how cool it will turn out.

Put the Blue and the Purple in buckets of Boiling Hot Water. Don't put the Dye Fixative (if you choose to use it) in the dye. Wait, but I took this picture and it showed it all. Tulip has brighter color dyes, but I like Rit. I just trust Rit dye more.)
Dye your garment! You can tie it with tons of stuff, twine, thread, ribbon, rubberbands, etc. I prefer rubberbands because they're sturdy and tend to control the binding a little more. And my mom does a paper route, so i have a pretty good supply.

I ran water over this to get the dye out as much as I could, which wasn't much. :\  But I also soaked it banded up in hot water with the dye fixative.

I let the shirt soak in the dye for about an hour while i read a chapter in my history class.  Then I cut off all the rubberbands. Taking them off one by one just takes forever and your fingers will lose feeling. :) But here's a view of the front

And A view of the back!

Then I soaked it in the water with fixative without the rubberbands. The only thing I don't like about doing this is that it seems to  bleed jsut a little. I don't know if I'll do this step next time.
After this step I taook it out of the fix bath (yes like photography) and I ran it under hot water in the tub for about 5 minutes, then cold water for another 5. Then I put it in the dryer.

Finished! I wore it to school. The front was Okay, BUT

The back turned out way neato!

Anyway! Try tie-dying something! Look for white clothes when you go out. Shirts! Pajama/work out pants! Socks! Hoodies! Fabric that you can sew into something else! Cotton fabrics work the best btw.
Have a great day! 


Candace said...

I love, love, love this!! I haven't tie-dyed in years. Lovely work, friend!

Amber said...

Oooh I want to do this now! Turn out pretty sweet