Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My New Arrival! And Upcoming Projects!

The hardest thing about school, for me anyway, is the time. It takes up probably 70% of my time, work takes about another 10% and sleep takes about a 10%. That only leaves ten percent for showering, driving, (not eating, since I do that while I study or work) and doing things i WANT to do. Like sewing. 

It's especially hard right now, because Shawn just helped me buy this:
 The Viking Emerald 203. I have wanted this machine for quite awhile now. I LOVE it! It's an amazing machine with lots of feet and capabilites and stitches! I finally feel like I have a machine to fit my needs as a costumer! I wish I could have had this machine last year when I was working on Midsummer's! Would have made things so easy! 

But I am desperately using any spare time I have to work on projects. And I have a few lined up! 
First of all, Since I've gained quite some weight I desperately need some Sunday dresses and skirts that I can wear to church. I'm kinda getting sick of the few that fit me. I also intend to use This exposed Zipper technique on one or more of my dresses. I loved it when Seth Aaron did it on Project runway and I intend to use it! I also need to construct a new temple dress since I don't fit into mine anymore. And I just can't get myself to rent the white muumuus they have in the temple. 

Other project:

My sister, Celena is pregnant. And I'm praying like crazy it's a girl. I don't know why. I guess it's just been a while since we had a niece born. And I found these Fabrics and want so desperately to make her little girl a quilt! Isn't that the cutest fabric!? If she doesn't have a girl (sigh) I found some adorable Whale Fabric that I'll make my new nephew.  But let's cross our fingers that it's a girl!!!!

And my last project includes this:

 I LOVE BATIK FABRIC! When I was in Sri Lanka there was tons of Batik (kinda where it originated from, although many cultures and countries have made designs and techniques their own) ANYWHO! I have wanted to make myself a batik quilt for a long time now. And I LOVE these Peacock colors. I'm really into them right now.  And I want to make myself a pretty quilt out of them. 

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Chelsey said...

That's so awesome that you got a new machine!!! I'm excited to start learning more techniques to sewing. I've caught the fever!!! I love the colors for your Batik quilt, and the exposed zipper is AWESOME!!!! Good luck with everything. I want to see the results when you finish any of them!