Sunday, February 20, 2011

One Project Down! New Sunday Dress

So the first thing I made on my new sewing machine was something I felt I really needed: A new sunday dress! I love Wal-Mart's $1 a yard fabric table. They took it away for a long time, but this last summer and fall they brought it back, and I spent a lot of time taking detours to Wal-Marts to stock up! I may not have much in terms of food storage, but if there's a disaster, I'll be dressed very snazzy. 
So I took some of my dollar-a-yard fabric and made myself a new dress!

I used a vogue pattern for the basic form and made a few changes! One thing I did that I love is the piping! I added piping to the edges, the sleeves, the waist, and above the pleating on the skirt. I also found these adorable matching buttons and put them on the front.

I think it turned out fantastic! I was very happy with it, and got many many compliments on it! I did something while sewing this dress that I don't normally do while sewing. I took my time. I'm a speed sewer. I can whip out a costume way fast, but with this, it took some time. I didn't have a deadline, and I wasn't hurrying. I worked on it a few hours here and a few hours there. And it turned out clean, and very professional looking! I was very proud of it!

And I love the sleeves with the faux cuffs and the piping. The piping just gives it a great detail and keeps the lines clean and sharp. I'm kind of addicted to the piping, not gonna lie. I'll have to be careful not to put it on everything I make so I don't get sick of it and I don't have a million dresses with piping. :)
So here goes
Fabric: $4
Piping: $6
Zipper $2
Buttons: $1.50
So my new dress cost me a grand total of $13.50! Doesn't get much better than that! I love finishing a project, because it makes me excited to start a new one. And I love the feeling of finishing a project. Actually finishing it. The zipper, the hem, everything. not having to be safety pinned into it (like my prom dress, seriously! or so many costumes.) It's so complete and wonderful! 
Oh yeah...
And I LOVE my new sewing machine. It's like working with a dream. :)


Andreea said...

Hi! I saw your comment on newdressaday and stopped by... LOVE the dress and the piping adds a nice touch!

Mandee Shaffer said...

Thanks Andreea! And thanks for commenting! I love knowing who is reading what i put out there in the void! :) Glad you visited!

Jacki Rich said...

MANDA!! That is so cute! I Love the piping too! You look great!

je suis said...


You look fantastic! The piping is awesome. I want your mad sewing skills. News on London? Layover in NYC?


Candace said...

BEE-YOU-TEE-FULL!! I just love it!

Sailing with bare feet said...


Amber said...

I love this! Wish I had your talent, I would dress better ;)