Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Matt comes to Visit!

I admit, after Stratford, I felt like it was time to pack up and come home. It seemed like the climax of the trip. But we still had 3 plays to see, a few weeks of class, and I was expecting a visitor! Matt and I met at Snow College doing Ascension, which was a show choir. Matt has been doing a internship with an international business in Brussels and decided to come up to London for 2 days and hang out with me. 

I met Matt at 6 am at Victoria Coach Station and brought him back to my flat where I made us a glorious breakfast of steak & eggs and he provided Belgian Waffles with Speculoos. It was quite the feast.
We joined my school group for a tour of the national gallery.
Matt And I in Trafalgar Square in front of the National Gallery

We of course had to climb on the lions, which I kept calling Aslan.

 We had a little trouble getting little Mary up there. She's so short!
Us Girls with Aslan

 After That, a bunch of us took Matt to Burrough Market for Lunch! After that Matt and I left the group and made our way over to the globe to see if we could get tickets for whatever production was playing that night. We couldn't, BUT while Matt was in the bathroom, I ran into, and then introduced myself to Stanley Tucci. Which was amazing. No I don't have a picture, I don't like to be intrusive, and he was there with his family. But I told him what a great artist I thought he was and he shook my hand.

Since we couldn't get tickets to the Globe, we went and got tickets to Woman in black. It was my second time seeing it and Matt's first. I LOVE THAT SHOW and I want SOOOO BAD to direct it at heritage theater. Maybe someday? I hope. Anyway.
Had to get a pic of this, for my brother Russell who is very great.

Sunday, after attending church, we went to 221 B Baker Street to see the Sherlock Holmes Museum which was kinda cool. I bought Russell a Sherlock holmes hat (Russell collects hats from other countries and I felt that a detective hat was appropriate for his hat from England.)

Oh there's that divine Speculoos! MMMMMmmmmmmmmmm!

We got Fish & Chips from Poppy's at Spitalfield Market. Best F&C I've gotten while I've been here. Their cod is incredible! It's so good, because it's run and cooked by fishermen.

I was sad to see Matt go back to Brussels, but it felt good to be with someone that really knew me and had known me before this trip. Probably the hardest thing about this trip is being surrounded by people constantly and still feeling a little lonely, because no one really knows you. Don't worry, those moments are very fleeting and i'm over them, but they happen. So I was happy to have Matt for two days!


Russell Shaffer said...

I'm so excited about my hat! :)

Edwin Mercado said...

I can tell, mostly by that awesome shirt, that this Matt is pretty cool.