Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stonehenge ROCKS

 We were taking the train to: salisbury!

Although I felt it more appropriate that I would go somewhere like Dorking

And ladies and gentlemen: There you have it:

 And of course: Proof that I was there!

 I'm more than a pretty face, you guys!


Cameron, Me, Caroline, and Drew. I promise they're happy to be there. 
But apparently not as happy as I am.

What a cute couple!

 Salisbury is a Medieval town and still retains some of it's original wall:

Salisbury Cathedral is amazing. if you ever go to Stonehenge, i really think you should stop and check out this cathedral. it's HUGE and amazing. Aaaaand: Has the chapter house. you know, the one with the original magna carta? yeah. Totally saw that.

 I once saw a cathedral: THIS BIG

 I'm always so moved by the candles lit in these beautiful cathedrals and chapels. To know that there are that many prayers going out, gives me hope that there is still good and love in the world.

 All in all. Pretty "rockin" day.

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