Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oxford Take 1

We went to Oxford as a class, which was brilliant! I really enjoyed the little town. Unfortunately, half way through the day, I accidentally formatted my camera and lost half of my pictures. But I'm going back tomorrow and will be able to take new ones! :) 

Christ's Church 

I'm a rebel 

 This door coined the phrase I used the rest of the day. "Enough of this Tom Buttery!" 
(Like tom foolery)

I love rose gardens. 

They say if two people kiss under this bridge, then they'll love each other forever. As we were walking under it, my friend Nathaniel run up behind me, kissed me on the cheek and cried "HA! PUNK'D! NOW YOU HAVE TO LOVE ME FOREVER!" 

Science Museum: Includes this: Albert Einstein's board. He gave a lecture at Oxford, and someone had the good sense to keep his chalk board and not erase it.

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